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Book Reviews


CIA, 01Oct1946; Declassified 2001/09/03

The Conflict in Ukraine  Oxford University Press, 2015; Serhy Yekelchyk
Reordering of Meaningful Worlds   Stockholm University, 2014; Yuliya Yurchuk

WITNESS: Memoirs of the Famine of 1933 in Ukraine  Pavlo Makohon (1983)
Nazi War Crimes, US Intelligence and Selective Prosecution at Nuremberg  Michael Salter (2007)
The Holodomor Reader  Bohdan Klid and Alexander J. Motyl (2012)
Nazi Empire-Building and the Holocaust in Ukraine  Wendy Lower (2005)
Stalin's Secret Agents  Stanton Evans and Herbert Romerstein (13Nov2012)
My Dear Mr. Stalin  Susan Butler (2005)

Iron Curtain  Patrick Wright (2007)
SPALAKH: UPA resistance in the Bereziv region  Michailo Tomaschuk, (Kolomyia, 2004, 352 pgs)
The Foreign Office and the Famine  Marco Carynnyk, Lubomyr Luciuk, Bohdan Kordan editors (1988)
Human Life in Russia  Ewald Ammende (01Nov1935)

History of Physics Research in Ukraine  Oleksandr Bakai and Yurij Raniuk (May 1993)
Report on the John Demjanjuk Case  Judge Thomas Wiseman (30Jun1993)
Identifying Ivan: A Case Study in Legal Psychology  Willem Wagenaar (1988)
Report of the Commission of Inquiry on War Criminals  Justice Jules Deschenes (30Dec1986)
The Holocaust and the Historians  Lucy S. Dawidowicz (1981)