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MEDIA RELEASE re NATO Summit on 24/25May2017 CG4DU, 17May2017; Oksana Bashuk Hepburn
Canada at NATO Summit in Brussels on 24/25 May 2017 CG4DU, 09May2017; Oksana Bashuk Hepburn
Ukraine's Independence Is Still Essential To U.S. Security And Stability Forbes, 19May2017; Victor Rud
Yes, GOP leaders were making a joke about Putin and Trump Washington Post, 18May2017; Anne Applebaum
The Dubious Friends of Donald Trump - Parts 1 & 2 Zembla, 13May2017; Sander Rietveld [1:22:12]
Killing Pavel OCCRP/Slidstvo.Info, 10May2017; OCCRP [49:30], [2] Paul Niland
Killing Pavel Kyiv Post, 11May2017; Paul Niland
Trump/Russia Ties Found to Go FAR Deeper Than Anyone Imagined Bluedot Daily, 30Apr2017; cpowell, [2] GOP Watchdog, [3] Palmer Report
140 Paths to Putin GOP Watchdog, 17Apr2017; cpowell
Palmer Report on Trump-Russia  Palmer Report, 08May2017; Bill Palmer
April 2017
Project 1721 U.S. Army War College, 22Mar2017; Col. Douglas Mastriano
ICJ: UKRAINE v. RUSSIAN FEDERATION International Court of Justice, 19Apr2017; Judges Abraham et al
Russian Disinformation Technology MIT Technology Review, 13Apr2017; John Pollock
Umland needs a more balanced approach New Eastern Europe, 11Apr2017; Taras Kuzio
Easter Sunday 16 April 2017 InfoUkes will be online for 20 years, 09Apr2016; Yaroslav Kokodyniak
March 2017
February 2017
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