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Robert S. Mueller: Special Counsel of the Department of Justice USA
The German Woman at the Center of the Manafort Case Der Spiegel, 09Feb2018; Rafael Buschmann
Corruption, lobbyism and the rule of law Communist and Post-Communist Studies, xxx (2017) 1e12; Taras Kuzio
January 2017
Trump Administration attempts to discredit the FBI and the Steele Dossier, 03Feb2018; Will Zuzak
The Plot Against America The Atlantic, 29Jan2018; Franklin Foer (re Paul Manafort)
Russian Organized Crime in North America in the mid-1990's, 28Jan2018; Will Zuzak  [50-page pdf]
100th Anniversary of the Ukrainian Independence Movement Mozeus, 22Jan2018; Will Zuzak
How Poroshenko Can Easily Be Reelected Atlantic Council; 17Jan2018; Diane Francis
Can anything be done in Ukraine with the so-called “canonical” Moscow Patriarchate? Euromaidan Press, 12Jan2018; Petro Kralyuk
War in Ukraine: A struggle over Russia’s identity CEPA, 09Jan2018; Janusz Bugajski
Russian Soft Power in France Carnegie Council, 08Jan2018; Marlene Laruelle
US Weapons and Chinese Cash Compete for Influence in Ukraine Daily Signal, 08Jan2018; Nolan Peterson
This Time It Will Be Very, Very Different Atlantic Council, 08Jan2018; Diane Francis
Browder2017RedNotice.pdf  [118-page pdf] -- Bill Browder's life story leading to Magnitsky Act
Simpson20170822SenateInterview.pdf  [312-page pdf] -- Senate Interview of Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS 
Simpson20171114HouseInterview.pdf  [165-page pdf] -- House Interview of Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS 
USA20180110RussiaCorruptionReport.pdf  [206-page pdf]
Fire and Fury Little, Brown, 2018; Michael Wolff  [237-page pdf]
McMafia Vintage, 2008; Misha Glenny  [314-page pdf file]
Ukraine Needs U.S. Help to Fight Corruption Foreign Policy, 04Jan2018; Michael Carpenter
Igor “Strelkov” Girkin’s Revealing Interview DFRLab, 27Dec2017; Igor "Strelkov" Girkin, [2] Russian original
December 2017
November 2017
GRC Reports

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one can read the important issues occurring within the Ukrainian community back to 2002.


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