Sol Littman   Letter 22   23-Oct-1999   Deschênes a hoax?
You must expect that your failure to produce this documentation is going to strengthen the impression that your career as a Nazi hunter has been one prolonged and costly to the Canadian taxpayer hoax.
The "federal lawyer" referred to in the letter below was Ivan Whitehall, and the part of his examination of Sol Littman which led to Whitehall being subsequently "attacked for unveiling the Littman fraud" concerned getting Littman to admit that Littman was the sole author of the Mengele scare.  Perhaps the following excerpt from p. 68 of the Commission report captures the height of Whitehall's "grilling" of Littman:

Q.  I see.  Let us just take a look for a moment, if we may, at your letter of December the 29th, Exhibit 154.  In that letter, sir, you assert as a fact that Mengele, employing the alias of Dr. Josef Menke, applied to the Canadian Embassy in Buenos Aires for admission to Canada as landed immigrant.

Now, I ask you, sir, whether or not whether that assertion of fact, did it come from the documents, did it come from the Immigration Officer or did it come from Corporal Yetter?

A.  The assertion of fact, Mr. Whitehall, is mine.

Q.  The assertion of fact is yours?

A.  Yes.

  October 23, 1999

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Sol Littman:

I bring to your attention the following letter to the editor of the Winnipeg Sun of 20Dec85, p. 16:


The Sun:

Several months back, one Sol Littman duped Brian Mulroney into establishing the Deschenes Commission investigation into Nazi war criminals.

What Littman actually perpetrated was a national hoax which included also duping our vaunted investigative media across the country.

Now that Littman has been proved a fraud in this matter, therefore removing the raison d'etre for the commission, will Prime Minister Mulroney now dismiss the commission whose main achievement so far seems to have been victimizing the Canadian community of Ukrainian origin.

Or do Ukrainian-Canadians not count, at least as much as other groups within our Canadian population?

Perhaps the question was at least partly answered when it was noticed that the federal lawyer was accused of grilling Mr. Littman at an inquiry hearing.  Indeed, the lawyer seemed to be attacked for unveiling the Littman fraud.

Ukrainian Canadians, I am sure, are now awaiting Mulroney's decision on this matter.

John Braxton

Mr. Littman, a growing number of Canadians are being drawn to a conclusion favored by some as far back as 1985 that the Deschênes Commission was the product of a hoax, or rather a series of hoaxes, perpetrated mainly by yourself.  Upon discovering that its birth was illegitimate, the Commission nevertheless continued its work, looking for Nazis that it knew it would not find, thereby prolonging the hoax.  Justification for this view of the Deschênes Commission has been outlined in my several previous letters to you.

In those letters, you have been asked to produce specific pieces of documentation which you have asserted are in your possession, and which would justify specific claims that you have made claims that you seem to never tire of repeating.  More than that, you have been guaranteed immediate publication of that documentation on the Ukrainian Archive web site, without regard to how damaging that documentation may be either to Ukrainians generally, or to the Galicia Division in particular.  You must expect that your failure to produce this documentation is going to strengthen the impression that your career as a Nazi hunter has been one prolonged and costly to the Canadian taxpayer hoax.  I await either your prompt supply of the requested documentation, or your prompt retraction of your many damaging accusations.

Lubomyr Prytulak