Serge Thion   Le Temps irreparable   27-Apr-1999   Slavs, beware the USA!
They've lined up all their European slaves in their order of battle, thus showing the banana republics of Central and Eastern Europe, including, without doubt, Ukraine, that they have to crawl at the feet of the master to avoid being crushed by his bombs.
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Below is an excerpt from a much longer article on the Kosovo crisis written in French by Serge Thion, and which can be found at:


The translation below was by a friend of a friend.  The complete article is thought-provoking, and well worth reading by anyone who understands French.  It provides a welcome relief from the unvarying and mindless coverage of the Kosovo crisis that typifies the mass media.

The excerpt below is of relevance to the Ukrainian Archive in that it carries a warning for the Slavic world that might be worth keeping in mind as the Slavic world continues to be plundered into ever deeper destitution.

Le Temps Irreparable
Paris, 27 April 1999
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Fugit irreparabile tempus


by Serge Thion


But the real truth lies hidden behind an illusion that we may formulate as follows: the Cold War is over.  But, in fact, it is not quite over.

Certainly communism, or that which passed for such, disintegrated 10 years ago.  Certainly the Soviet Empire has fallen apart.  Certainly the Red Army is only a shadow of its former self.  Certainly the alcoholic joker that the West has put in the Kremlin still wallows there, as before.  Certainly all Russian financial wealth is still being transferred into Swiss bank accounts.  All this is true, and even truer than true.  But there persists an extraordinary threat.  There remain 10 or 20 thousand nuclear missiles, equipped with functional warheads, controlled by fragmented military-industrial groups, preoccupied with internecine quarrels about which we know very little.  Barons in the Middle Ages made use of transients, mercenaries who eventually ended up fighting their own causes.  The split-up of the USSR could create similar situations.  The Russian state is growing steadily weaker.  It is not a threat politically, but it conceals a potential nuclear military menace.  The Cold War will not be over until this danger is physically eliminated.  Political manoeuverings will not suffice.  For candidates aspiring to global hegemony, there is still the recent memory of the jitters they suffered during 40 years of Soviet saber-rattling.  The future of these thousands of nuclear arms, more or less abandoned, is uncertain.

The aspiring hegemonist wants to destroy them to be done with his nightmares once and for all.  It is logical.  One may negotiate, buy back, one by one, these monstrous weapons.  It would cost dearly, but it would inject great quantities of money into the Russian army and it could turn out to be a double-edged sword.  Therefore, from the point of view of US hegemonists, it is necessary to proceed differently: continue to destroy the guts of the Soviet system, the financial resources, the raw materials, the industrial base, the political centralization, the central-European plains, the areas of central Asia, the Siberian backwoods, etc.  All must be hurled to the ground, dissolved, deconstructed, sold, exported.

With Operation Kosovo, the Americans take a big step in this direction: while integrating Poland and Hungary into NATO against the promise to these new lapdogs of a golden future bound up in solid chains of steel, they proceed to crush one of the two remaining unconditional allies of Moscow in the Balkans (the other being the insignificant Bulgaria).

They've lined up all their European slaves in their order of battle, thus showing the banana republics of Central and Eastern Europe, including, without doubt, Ukraine, that they have to crawl at the feet of the master to avoid being crushed by his bombs.


All this pressure has only one target: the Russian military.  There is entirely fraudulent activity taking place, centered on the "role" that Russia might play in a "settlement".  But there will be no settlement, there will only be various stages of destruction of the designated enemies.  All this agitation about an eventual "role" for Russia is just a way of poking the sinister stooges in the Kremlin into the faces of the Russian military, sitting there on their rusting missiles, their troops snoring, their ships lacking fuel, their aircraft sold to clients better financed than they...  These military leaders cannot be unaffected by the enormous provocation that the bombing of Belgrade under their very noses represents.

The second objective of this war, hidden behind the first, is therefore to demonstrate to the Russian military their utter helplessness, to show them that the American army can operate with impunity inside the perimeter of their defences and massacre their friends and allies at will because, betrayed in any case by the entire hierarchy, they cannot hit the red nuclear button.  They have to be made to understand that, very soon, the Americans will be in their very homes, installed in their barracks with all their caboodle, come to take delivery of the so called "arms of mass destruction".  Thus will the destruction of Russia be completed.  For the Russians, deprived of their industries, of their natural wealth sold to the West, of their money accumulated under the collectivist regime, of their intellectuals gone to work elsewhere, of their womenfolk transformed into whores on the Cote d'Azur, there will remain nothing more to do but to eat the grass of the steppes and the bark on the birch trees.

Thus shall the vengeance of the rich against the grimy poor who once put a scare into them be achieved.  Then it will be the turn of the Chinese to themselves feel the heat of this new totalitarian hegemony.  And we, heads bent to our mess tins, in any case probably half-empty, attached to a hitching-post, will weep over our lost freedom.  It is already too late.