Eduard Hurvits   17-Mar-1998   Not worth one drop of blood
Bodelan appeals to Hurvits to leave Odesa

Mykhailo Aksaniuk
writing for the Kyiv newspaper "Day"


17 March 1998

At a briefing on 16 March, the head of the Odesa Oblast administration, Ruslan Bodelan, addressed to the Odesa Mayor, Eduard Hurvits, the appeal that he "renounce his intention of running for mayor, and that he leave Odesa."

Ruslan Bodelan assured Eduard Hurvits and the residents of Odesa: that if Hurvits withdraws his candidacy, then he too will not run for the position of Mayor of Odesa.  The head of the Oblast administration underlined that "The fight for a post of the level of city mayor is not worth a human life, and not even one drop of blood," referring probably to the recent series of contract killings in Odesa.

The words of Bodelan are indirectly supported by his decision to make this appeal to Hurvits after watching the television broadcast "Absolutely not Private."  On 15 March, the host of this evening program Hryhory Kvasniuk broadcast a report from an ambulance which was bringing to the hospital seriously wounded, 31-year-old Boris Anykeichyk.  "In 1994 I was in the ambulance when Anhert (underworld nickname "Angel" editor) was giving his testimony (the reference is to the November confession of Angel concerning his working for the Odesa mayor E. Hurvits editor).  This horror to shoot innocent people ... to take the life of a mother, a wife, a child, a father....  The act was committed by Chechens....  At least the assassins spoke a "weird language...," gasped the dying Anykeichyk into the lens of the camera.

Anykeichyk worked as a driver for crime boss Oleksander Nikolayev, whose nickname was "Bacillus."  On 11 March he was shot outside his own apartment building.  On 14 March he died.  Before his death, B. Anykeichyk, giving testimony, informed his listeners that on several occasions he had been threatened with physical violence in the event that he agreed to testify concerning meetings between E. Hurvits and O. Anhert.

That which the dying man was unable to finish saying was elaborated before the camera by Oleksandr Nikolayev: "He several times drove me to meetings with Eduard Hurvits.  More than once he drove me to meetings also with several other leading members of the current city administration.  In recent days he developed a desire: that following the testimony of Oleksandr Anhert, and following his realization that I too had presented my testimony on television, then he too wanted to come forward and tell what he knew about the current situation."

"I am awaiting from you an absolutely concrete reply, and think that Odesans generally are awaiting this same reply" stated Ruslan Bodelan in his appeal to Eduard Hurvits.  However, the mayor of Odesa is so far silent.

Yesterday, the Oblast Coordinating Committee on Combatting Corruption and Organized Crime headed by R. Bodelan addressed itself to the question "The inflaming of the social-political situation in Odesa."  The plan is to have the Coordinating Committee decide to lay the problem at the feet of the President and head of the Parliament of Ukraine.