My Letters to Al Gore:

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Al Gore
"Tobacco is the No. 1 preventable cause of death in the United States." Al Gore

"Throughout most of my life, I raised tobacco.  I want you to know that with my own hands, all of my life, I put it in the plant beds and transferred it.  I've hoed it.  I've dug in it.  I've sprayed it, I've chopped it, I've shredded it, spiked it, put it in the barn and stripped it and sold it. Al Gore
Joe Lieberman
On his first Friday night in office, early in 1989, the Senate was working late so late, in fact, that Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-Conn.), the Senate's only Sabbath-observant, Orthodox Jew, planned to sleep on a cot in the Senate gym since he could not ride home.

Vice President Al Gore, then a senator from Tennessee, prevailed upon him to stay at his parents' nearby apartment.  Having campaigned in New York, Gore was familiar enough with Orthodox traditions to turn the apartment lights on and off for Lieberman.

"I may have had one of the most distinguished Shabbos goys [a non-Jew who performs tasks a Jew cannot do on Shabbat] in history," jokes Lieberman in a recent interview in his Senate office on Capitol Hill. Sheri Silverman