Jean Chretien   Letter 01   03-Sep-2002   Your Green Legacy is a neurotoxin
"I almost fell off my bike." Lubomyr Prytulak

03 September 2002

Jean Chretien
Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON    K1A 0A2

Mr Prime Minister:

Riding past a Globe and Mail box earlier today, I caught the headline, "Chretien aims for Green Legacy," and was so astonished that I almost fell off my bike.

What I remembered is that in 1991, you said of the gasoline additive, MMT:

Some of our leading neurotoxic scientists, as well as studies and documents from medical schools and universities, in addition to other institutions, outline in detail the truly horrific effects that allowing the continued use of this neurotoxin could have on the Canadian people.

And what I also remembered is that in 1998, you allowed MMT to be added to Canadian gasoline, and even wrote the manufacturer of MMT Virginia based Ethyl Corporation a $20 million check by way of apology for ever having given it offense.  The result has been that MMT is added to almost all Canadian gasoline, even as it is banned from almost all American gasoline.

From where I sit, allowing Canada to be blanketed with the neurotoxin manganese is your Green Legacy, but as Canadians have only a feeble press protecting their interests, I have little doubt that you will succeed in convincing them that you have been their Green Prime Minister.

Lubomyr Prytulak