Repeat Request for Complaint Materials
Lubomyr Prytulak to Kessie Joseph   19-Dec-2003

  19 December 2003

Kessie Joseph
Intake Officer
Canadian Human Rights Commission
344 Slater Street
Ottawa, ON    K1A 1E1

Re: Prytulak complaint of Canadian Jewish Congress hate messaging

Dear Ms Joseph:

The Intake Kit and Complaint Form that you undertook to mail me in our telephone conversation of 02-Dec-2003 has not arrived as of 19-Dec-2003.

In case the CHRC has decided not to forward these materials to me as promised, would you be so good as to inform me who is responsible for this decision, the reason for the decision, and why I was not informed.

I would appreciate your answering in writing, and as much time has been wasted, in doing so promptly.

Yours truly,

Lubomyr Prytulak


Irving ABELLA, National Honourary President, CJC, Department of History, York University, 4700 Keele Street, Toronto, ON  M3J 1P3
Bernie FARBER, Executive Director, CJC, 4600 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON  M2R 3V2
Ed MORGAN, Chair, CJC, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto, 84 Queen's Park, Toronto, ON  M5S 2C5
Moshe RONEN, Chair Board of Governors, CJC, 4600 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON  M2R 3V2
Len RUDNER, Director of Community Relations, CJC, 4600 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON  M2R 3V2