Israel Asper   Letter 07   31-Jul-2002   Peruvian Indians invade the West Bank

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"The Arab has the instinct of murder and killing like all gentiles, and only Jews do not have that instinct that is a genetic fact." says the Jewish Nachshon Ben-Haim of Israel (just recently the Catholic Pedro Mendosa of Peru)

31 July 2002

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Israel Asper:

I see that the ever-resourceful Israeli leadership is attempting to overcome the problem of Jews fleeing the West Bank by replacing them with Peruvian Indians:

18 July 2002

Coming Home

By Neri Livneh

Members of the "Third Aliyah" at the absorption center at Alon Shvut: Connected to Israel by a very narrow bridge indeed.  Photo: Miki Kratsman
In a prefab structure at a school in the West Bank settlement of Alon Shvut, a few dozen people are sitting and singing a popular Hasidic song: "The whole world is a very narrow bridge and the main thing is not to be afraid."  They are singing with feeling, even though most of them don't understand a word of the song.  As is the custom in religious schools, the class is divided into a men's section and a women's section.  The women are wearing hats and the men's heads are covered by knitted skullcaps.  The men and women alike have distinct South American Indian features and are dark-skinned.

Batya Mendel, who until two months ago was a Peruvian citizen whose first name was Blanca, analyzes the situation with surprising passion and self-confidence: "Yasser Arafat isn't even a Palestinian and he has no rights to the Land of Israel because he wasn't born in the Land of Israel.  This land was promised eternally by God only to those who were born here.  Just because I was born in Peru and don't have Jewish roots makes no difference, because the Book of Zephania states that those who want to believe in the Holy One and be believing Jews only they have rights to the Land of Israel.  Maybe, when the Messiah comes and all the Palestinians are converted to Judaism and believe in God with complete faith, only then will we allow them to live in the Land of Israel."

Almost unnoticed, a new branch of Jews is springing up in the settlements, Jews who are connected to Israel and all things Israeli by a very narrow bridge indeed.  They have yet to visit Tel Aviv or Haifa, and they have never even heard of Degania, the very first kibbutz, or its neighbor, Kinneret.  Miki Kratsman, the photographer, and I had the privilege of being the first secular Jews they ever met.  Nevertheless, they feel as deeply rooted and authentic as that composer of quintessentially Israeli songs, Naomi Shemer.  They are fired with a historic sense of their right to this land, as though they were the Zinati family from Peki'in, the ancient Jewish town in Galilee.

"We are of Indian origin," says Nachshon Ben-Haim, formerly Pedro Mendosa, "but in Peru, in the Andes, there is no Indian culture left.  Everyone has become Christian, and before we became Jews, we also were Christians who went to church."


Theoretically, the new Jews had the option of joining the Jewish community in Peru, but that was ruled out.

"How can I put it without hurting anyone?" [Rabbi Eliyahu] Birnbaum says.  "The community in Lima consists of a certain socioeconomic class and did not want them because they are from a lower level.  There was a kind of agreement that if they were converted, they would not join the Lima community, so there was no choice but to lay down the condition that they immigrate to Israel."


Mendel's [Blanca's] eyes glitter as she talks about that future day: "It will be the most wonderful day in the world when all the Arabs will become Jews and observe the commandments and love the Lord and when the Messiah comes, there will be no one in the land of our fathers who does not love the Lord and Judaism with all their heart.

"It was a shock for me to discover that there are nonreligious Jews in Israel.  You are blind and do not see the wellspring we have in our hands which is the Torah.  Your mouths are sealed and you cannot drink from the well, and your eyes are blind and you do not see, and your ears are sealed and you do not want to hear.  I pray to God that you will all become religious for the good of the state, because the Torah has preserved us as a people for all the years from the time of the patriarch, Abraham, and because of the Torah, we have a right to live here and the Arabs do not."

You only became a member of this nation a few months ago, and you have been in the country less than two months.  Do you know that there are Arabs whose families have lived here for hundreds of years?

"But God said that whosoever becomes a Jew with a full heart and observes the commandments only to a Jew like that will He give the land for generation unto generation."

Ben-Haim [Pedro Mendosa] is not bothered by the fact that by being sent to a settlement, he has also been effectively recruited to a particular political group: "We knew we were coming to a place that is called 'territories' because people we know immigrated earlier and are living in the settlements in the territories.  But I have no problem with that because I do not consider the territories to be occupied territories.  You cannot conquer what has in any case belonged to you since the time of the patriarch, Abraham."

In Trujillo, he worked as a cab driver and in commerce.  "Most of our people did work like that, so we would have time for our prayers and commandments and holidays," he explains.

Mendel [Blanca] and her husband also engaged in commerce.  They are not bothered in the least by the employment situation in Israel.  God will help them find work, Mendel [Blanca] says.

Ben-Haim [Pedro Mendosa] says that after he finishes the Hebrew course, he may join the army, "because I wasn't in the army in Peru and that is something I lack, and also because I want to defend the country and if there is no choice, I will kill Arabs.  But I am sure that Jews kill Arabs only for self-defense and justice, but Arabs do it because they like to kill."

He bases this belief on his scientific view of Judaism: "The Arab has the instinct of murder and killing like all gentiles, and only Jews do not have that instinct that is a genetic fact."

But if you were not born a Jew genetically, don't you have that instinct?

Ben-Haim [Pedro Mendosa]: "Maybe it was there, but it makes no difference, because now we are all Jews."
Reprinted by the Jewish Agency For Israel at www.jafi.org.il/papers/2002/july/harjuly18.htm
and also by The Middle East Dialogue at middleeastdialogue.org/200207t/Indian_converts.html

The above events are newsworthy because they suggest that the Israeli position has so deteriorated that any further shedding of blood to redeem it will be to no avail.  Obviously, Israel would prefer Jews from the Slavic lands to Peruvian Indians, and in fact would prefer Slavs of any religion, if only because the Slavs are more likely to hold degrees in science and engineering, more likely to speak several European languages including English, and at the very least more likely to have undergone military training but Ariel Sharon has succeeded in drying up the flow of Slavs, and is even succeeding in stampeding out of Israel those who had earlier been stampeded in.

We saw just above that the Jews of Peru also are happy where they are, thank you very much.  "You want people to live on the West Bank," is their attitude, "then take the Indians!"  Mossad will have to set off bombs in Lima synagogues, and simultaneously block passport issuance to everywhere but Israel, before some Peruvian Jews will be persuaded to accept Ariel Sharon's invitation.  From Mossad's point of view, a collapse of the Peruvian economy wouldn't hurt either.

In fact, who will relocate to Israel today but the downtrodden and the desperate who have no choice, and who in exchange for three square meals and a roof over their heads will parrot back anything that is required of them, will even shoot Arabs though, it might ultimately be discovered, without quite managing to fill the shoes of the real Jews who have fled, and without quite providing the solid foundation needed for nation-building.

One must remark, parenthetically, that this transfer of Peruvian Indians to live on land robbed from Palestinians currently sitting behind barbed wire is accomplished at the American taxpayer's expense, with Americans having to spend billions of additional dollars to protect themselves from the world's fury at the injustice of what they are doing.

The collapse of Israel that is evident in its clutching at the straw of Peruvian Indians can be traced directly to the Jewish de-activation of an indispensible mechanism of self-correction that is, can be traced directly to Jewish inhibition of criticism of Jews in a free press of which your media empire is a demonstration.

When the Palestinians hold their victory banquet, therefore, your contribution to the downfall of Israel will qualify you for a place toward the head of the table.

Lubomyr Prytulak