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William Walter Zuzak (1941.04.24 -- 20??.??.??)

This WiZeus directory is envisioned to be a monument to the life of William Zuzak. The Biography and Education subdirectories start with my parents immigrating to Canada from Ukraine, growing up on a farm in Saskatchewan; progressing from high school to university in Saskatoon and Vancouver; and then to Kiel, Germany and Manchester, England on a PDF (post doctoral fellowship).

That was followed by a stint as a professional engineer with EPEC Consulting in Edmonton; research at the Whiteshell Nuclear Researh Establishment (AECL) in Pinawa, Manitoba; working in the construction industry with Multicontracting Services in Grande Prairie, Alberta; teaching at colleges in Grande Prairie, Kamloops and Vernon, BC; research at INRS-Energie and the Tokamak de Varennes, Ste. Julie (Montreal South Shore); culminating with retirement induced by spousal health reasons.


The Scientific subdirectory contains a limited number of scientific theses, reports and publications.

The Archive subdirectory lists a large number of printed documents in my possession associated with the Demjanjuk case, the Odynsky case, d/d (denaturalization and deportation) and other iteresting issues.