Background Reading for the Ukrainian Archive

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Free Speech:

John "Birdman" Bryant: www.thebirdman.org
Canadian Association for Free Expression: www.canadianfreespeech.com
Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship: www.safs.ca
Reporters sans frontières: www.rsf.fr
Committee to Protect Journalists: www.cpj.org
Canadian Journalists for Free Expression: www.cjfe.org
Electronic Frontier Foundation: www.eff.org
International Press Institute: www.freemedia.at/index1.html
Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (Freedom of the Media): www.osce.org/fom
Free Speech Online Blue Ribbon Campaign: www.eff.org/blueribbon.html
International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX): www.ifex.org

Miscellaneous on Ukraine:

Will Zuzak's Ukrainian Archive:   www.geocities.com/mozuz
Encyclopedia of Ukraine:   www.encyclopediaofukraine.com
Infoukes:   www.infoukes.com
Guide to Ukraine:   ukraine.uazone.net/index.html
Ukrainian Software Center:   www.allvirtualware.com/ukrsoft/index.html
World GenWeb Ukraine:   www.rootsweb.com/~ukrwgw/index.html
William S. Tifft photographs of Ukraine:   www.tifft.com
Roman Golash's Sobor web site:   www.ukemonde.com
U.S. Department of State:   www.state.gov/www/background_notes/ukraine_0005_bgn.html
Ukrainian Cradle adoption agency:   www3.sympatico.ca/soniak/ucaa.html
Adoption from Ukrain e-group:   www.egroups.com/group/Adoption_from_Ukraine
Ukrainian Agriculture News:   www.agrimarket.info
Slavophilia:   www.slavophilia.com

Ukrainian developments in English:

Kyiv Post: www.thepost.kiev.ua
BBC Poland, Belarus, and Ukraine Current Issue: www.rferl.org/pbureport
Ukrainian Archives and News: www.uanews.co.uk
Ukrainian Weekly: www.ukrweekly.com
Public Radio: news.org.ua/main

Ukrainian Developments in Ukrainian:

Channel 5:   www.5tv.com.ua
Ukrainian Truth:   www.pravda.com.ua
PORA:   www.pora.org
Center for the Defense of Independent Journalists: www.pravda.com.ua
Korespondent: www.korespondent.net/main.php
Political Ukraine: www.polit.com.ua
Samvydav Net: www.samvydav.net
BBC: www.bbc.co.uk/ukrainian
Maidan: maidan.org.ua
Public Radio: www.radio.org.ua/main

Ukrainian Developments in Russian:

Korrespondent: www.korrespondent.net/main.php

Miscellaneous in Ukrainian:

Ukrayins'ka Ideya:   ideya.uazone.net
Ukrainian Organization of Newly Arrived Immigrants:   zustrich.quebec-ukraine.com/salut_en.html
Vash Hurt (Resource Center for NGO Development):   www.gurt.org.ua/index.html
Ukrainians in Hungary:   www.ukrajinci.hu

Ukrainian Music, Video, Sports, and More:

UkrainaTV: www.ukrainatv.com
Nash Holos: www.nashholos.com
Fata Morgana Band:   www.fata-morgana-band.com

Judicial Corruption:

Center for Judicial Accountability: www.judgewatch.org
Citizens for Judicial Accountability: www.judicialaccountability.org
Justice for Sale: www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/justice
Skolnick's Report: www.skolnicksreport.com
Jail 4 Judges: www.jail4judges.net/cfdocs/index.cfm
America's Worst Judges: www.junkscience.com/news2/boot.htm
How to Sue a Judge Without Using a Lawyer: www.constitution.org/grossack/suejud.htm
KGB-ing America: www.wholeearthmag.com/ArticleBin/186.html
LawyerWatch.Com: www.thelawyerwatchdog.com
Black Deeds in Black Robes: www.blackdeeds.com
American Judicature Society: www.ajs.org
Alliance for Justice: www.afj.org
Americans for Legal Reform: www.americans4legalreform.com
American Injustice: www.fa-ir.org/ai/begin.htm
American Tort Reform Association: www.atra.org
Judicial Watch West: www.judicialwatchwest.org
Court Watch: www.eagleforum.org/court_watch

Independent Journalism:

The Independent: www.independent.co.uk
The Guardian: www.guardian.co.uk

Opposing Abuse by Government:

Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research (UCIPR): www.ucipr.kiev.ua
Kharkiv Group for Human Rights Protection: www.khpg.org
Amnesty International: www.amnesty.org
Transparency International: The Global Coalition Against Corruption: www.transparency.org
Truth and Reconciliation Commission, South Africa: www.truth.org.za
Public Action, Inc. (Carol A. Valentine): www.Public-Action.com
Arms Sales Monitoring Project: www.fas.org/asmp
Freedom House: freedomhouse.org/index.htm
British Helsinki Human Rights Group: www.bhhrg.org
Joseph Sobran: www.sobran.com
U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom: uscirf.gov
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty: www.rferl.org

Historical Revision:

Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (Bradley R. Smith): www.codoh.com
Institute for Historical Review (Greg Raven): ihr.org/index.html
The John Sack Site is archived at: web.archive.org/web/20040201235747/www.johnsack.com
Focal Point Publications (David Irving): www.fpp.co.uk
Association for the Advancement of Liberalist View of History: www.jiyuu-shikan.org/e/index.html
L'Association des Anciens Amateurs de Récits de Guerre et d'Holocauste: aaargh.vho.org
Campaign for Radical Truth in History (Michael Hoffman): www.revisionisthistory.org

Middle East:

NileMedia (Ahmed Amr): www.nilemedia.com
Boycott Israel Campaign: www.inminds.co.uk/boycott-israel.html
Boycott Israeli Goods: www.boycottisraeligoods.org/index.php
Palestine Chronicle: palestinechronicle.com
Intifada Online: www.intifadaonline.com
Washington Report on Middle Eastern Affairs: www.washington-report.org
Mid-East Realities: www.middleeast.org
Arab American Center for Dialogue: www.alhewar.com
Blacks and Jews: www.blacksandjews.com
Ali Abunimah's bitter pill: www.abunimah.org
Al-Ahram Weekly On-line: www.ahram.org.eg/weekly
Electronic Intifada (Michael Hoffman): www.hoffman-info.com/palestine.html
La Voz De Aztlan: www.aztlan.net/holocoust.htm
Media Monitors Network: www.mediamonitors.net
Jewish Tribal Review: www.jewishtribalreview.org
Al Khilafah: www.alkhilafah.info/massacres
International Middle East Media Center: www.IMEMC.org

Alcohol and Tobacco:

Marin Institute: Preventing Alcohol Problems: www.MarinInstitute.org
National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism: www.niaaa.nih.gov
Center for Science in the Public Interest: www.cspinet.org
Tobacco Control Research Center: www.tobacco.neu.edu
CDC Tobacco Information and Prevention Source: www.cdc.gov/tobacco

Child welfare:

National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers: www.nocirc.org
Disabled and Vulnerable Orphans of Ukraine: www.dvou.org