Media Release | Jul. 21, 2004 | Andrew Telegdi

Media Release

On Monday July 19, 2004, Andrew Telegdi, M.P. for Kitchener-Waterloo, was offered the position of Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister with special emphasis for Aboriginal Affairs and Science and Technology.

Telegdi, however, who has opposed the unjust nature of the citizenship revocation process for the past six years, stated that a resolution of this issue remains his top priority. "I could only accept the Parliamentary Secretary position to the Prime Minister", he said, "once the citizenship revocation issue is resolved".

The Prime Minister then offered to hold off on the appointment until the government had an opportunity to review its position of the citizenship revocation process. Further, at the end of the review, if Telegdi is in agreement with the government's position on the citizenship revocation process, then Telegdi would either guide the new citizenship revocation legislation through Parliament or accept the position of Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister.

Telegdi has consistently argued that the revocation of citizenship should not be entrusted to politicians, not even the federal cabinet, but should be dealt with by the courts, with due process and appeal rights, in compliance with section 7 on legal rights of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Telegdi is excited by the Prime Minister offer as it could bring an early resolution to the citizenship revocation process and free him to work as Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister in two vital areas.

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