NEWS RELEASE | Jun. 02, 2004 | Andrew Telegdi, M.P. Kitchener-Waterloo

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Dear Friends,

In a unanimous decision, the Federal Court of Appeal rejected the government's attempt to deport Helmut Oberlander and restored his Canadian citizenship. The original decision of Governor in Council (Cabinet) to revoke his citizenship was set aside by the Court that found that that decision was flawed on two counts.

First, cabinet didn't show it considered Oberlander's personal circumstances, including "50 years of irreproachable life in Canada," before taking his citizenship away.

The judges also ruled the revocation was flawed because cabinet didn't explain how Oberlander fit a government policy to deport people only if there is evidence of participation or complicity in Second World War crimes, including membership in organizations "with a single, brutal purpose, e.g. a death squad." There is no evidence that Oberlander had direct involvement or complicity in the commission of war crimes.

This decision opens the door for us to redouble our effort to convince the government to change the citizenship revocation process in the Citizenship Act to allow for due process of law including the right of appeal. This will provide real justice and equality of citizenship for naturalized Canadians.

I refer you to the article by Peter Worthington called "Justice a Long Time Coming" in the Sun Papers of today.

Hon. Andrew Telegdi, M.P.

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