Record (Kitchener-Waterloo) | Jun. 14, 2004 | Isabel Stalkie
Letter to Editor

Oberlander rewarded

I applaud Dale Finch's Jun. 05, 2004 letter: Weak Action On Oberlander Case Is Shameful. The writer expressed my sentiments exactly regarding the Helmut Oberlander case.

Oberlander had choices back in 1941 and he chose to stay with a German death squad, but I expect he has had to live with his own demons.

So, now he is 80 years old and has been an outstanding member of the community for 50 years. Tell me, what else would we expect?

Canada has been good to Oberlander. He now has his Canadian citizenship back and can enjoy his final years travelling pretty much where he chooses to go. There is something dreadfully wrong with this picture.

Isabel Stalkie