e-Poshta | 24Jul2007 | Myroslaw Prytulak
to Toronto Sun | 08Jun2007 | Myroslaw Prytulak
Letter to Editor
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Dear Editor:

Re: A HOLOCAUST 'KILLING FIELD' article, June 06, 2007, page 29

Your paper's article A HOLOCAUST 'KILLING FIELD' (Toronto SUN, June 06, 2007) leaves one with the impression that, even though as Israel's Holocaust expert Efraim Zuroff claims "Ukraine was enormous killing field ... ", apparently, no Ukrainians were ever killed in Ukraine during World War Two!

Please allow me to point out to you ... and all the 'experts' quoted by your paper that, in addition to 'providing' the Nazis with the enormous 'killing field', Ukraine also lost in this war more of her beloved sons and daughters than any other country in the entire world -- equaling the combined losses of Germany, France, UK, USA, Holland and Canada.

As a matter of fact, according to the statistics of the Institute of History of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences published in 1984, in World War Two Ukraine lost 8.0 million of her people: 2.5 million military and 5.5 million civilians. Additional 2.5 million Ukrainians were forced to work in Germany as slave-labourers and 10 million of them were left homeless in their own country.

Since monster Hitler regarded all Ukrainians as UNTERMENSCHEN (i.e. subhumans), is the SUN by any chance also perceiving the EIGHT MILLION departed heroic Ukrainian warriors as subhumans, thus perhaps making them unworthy of your paper's attention?

Myroslaw Prytulak

[W.Z. Although the Toronto Sun presumably declined to publish the above letter, Myroslaw Prytulak must be congratulated for correcting the distorted picture presented in the original article as to the realities of WWII. Kudos to e-Poshta for archiving this "error of omission" for posterity.]