Record (Kitchener-Waterloo) | Jun. 14, 2004 | Frances Mason
Letter to Editor

Judgment will come

I read with great interest Dale Finch's Jun. 05, 2004 letter concerning the action taken on the Helmut Oberlander case. I totally agree with Finch's comments and I, too, would like to add that I am greatly disappointed in all the members of Parliament who rejoiced in the decision to restore Oberlander's citizenship in Canada.

Who, in proper conscience, could cast a vote for any one of them? On June 6 we celebrated the 60th anniversary of D-Day where many of our young men fought and died to liberate Europeans and the world from the hands of monsters.

There is a much higher judge who will judge Oberlander, the One who heard the screams of horror and despair coming from the many, many martyrs at the hands of the Third Reich's killing machine in Ukraine, where he says he was a mere translator. Strange that he forgot to mention his rather "innocent" background when he immigrated to this country.

Frances Mason