Edmonton Journal | 23Aug2006 | Rev. Ihor Kutash
Letter to Editor

Don't deport Nazi guards

Re: "City man was a Nazi guard: Alzheimer's patient, 87, could be deported after judge rules he hid Nazi S.S. past," Edmonton Journal, Aug. 19, 2006

The impression created is that the accused actually received the benefit of a trial directly related to alleged war crimes during the Second World War and was found guilty. In fact, no such trial took place. What took place is a hearing, based upon which a single judge ruled -- on a "balance of probabilities" -- that the accused lied in applying for Canadian citizenship.

The withdrawal of citizenship is a serious matter. Surely a guess by a single person, no matter how well-educated or authoritative, ought not to be grounds for such a critical step.

Rev. Ihor G. Kutash, Montreal

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