Edmonton Journal | 23Aug2006 | Maria Frank
Letter to Editor

No threat to us

I find it repulsive that the Canadian justice system is spending its time and money on these cases.

With no proven war crimes committed by Josef Furman or Jura Skomatchuk, it is merely assumed that, by association with the Nazi S.S., they are criminals.

I thought that one purpose of the Canadian justice system was to keep me safe and secure. What threat or danger do these ill, old men pose to Canadians?

It seems that, rather than learning from the past, we are stuck in the past, trying to right past wrongs, with no real purpose.

If Canada wants to cease being a magnet for mass murderers, perhaps it should focus on the mass murderers in our country today who, unlike these two elderly men, actually do pose a danger to Canadians.

Maria C. Frank, Edmonton

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