Ukrainian News | 28Sep2005 | Editorial

Matas strikes again

Sept. 18, 2005 in the Winnipeg Free Press, David Matas, B'nai Brith's master of disinformation, struck again.

This time, in an op-ed piece entitled "Action on war crime overdue" Matas urged the federal cabinet to revoke the citizenship of five "Nazi collaborators" -- Vladimir Katriuk, Helmut Oberlander, Michael Baumgartner, Jacob Fast and Wasyl Odynsky.

Included in this masterpiece of obfuscation was the following gem:

"In order to launch the cases against them in Federal Court, the war crimes unit in the Department of Justice determined that there is compelling evidence linking the Nazi five to crimes against humanity."

Please note that Matas very carefully avoids saying anything stupid, namely that an actual court found "compelling evidence" -- only the war crimes unit, that bureaucratic cabal which launches legal vendettas against octogenarian Ukrainians in order to justify their slurping at the public trough, did so. Can the average reader be blamed for making the false assumption these people are really criminals?

We don't really want to single out the Free Press because this is typical of the one-sided and totally misleading information on this issue which appears in most Canadian dailies. Nevertheless, we need to set the record straight. The editor of this newspaper wrote a letter to the Free Press, but it never made it to print. Thus, Ukrainian News is printing it alongside this editorial.