Record (Kitchener-Waterloo) | Jun. 14, 2004 | Marlene Drummond
Letter to Editor

Leave Oberlander alone

This letter is addressed to letter-writer Dale Finch and others who think the same way.

Does Finch honestly believe that during the horrors of the Second World War when the Germans invaded other countries using their secret intelligence service to find out who could speak more than one language, that a frightened teenager like Helmut Oberlander would not be in fear of his life if he refused?

Get off this kick about Oberlander. If you were 17 and knew that a bullet through the brain would occur if you refused to assist or work for the German gestapo, I do not think your actions would have been any different.

I am not connected with the Oberlander family in any way, but am familiar with his life in this country and find his treatment as abominable.

Those responsible in Canada for the treatment of Oberlander ought to hang their heads in shame. I hope a court will award Oberlander all his legal costs plus punitive awards to put this shameful situation to rest.

Marlene Drummond