Record (Kitchener-Waterloo) | Jun. 08, 2004 | Wanda Cakebread
Letter to Editor

Political ethics missing

Who does one vote for in the upcoming election? Are justice and ethics only words, not practices by the political parties? Once again, the Helmut Oberlander case is in the news. The issue is not whether he was truthful upon entry into Canada, but his activities during the Nazi regime. His supporters claim there is no proof that he was actively involved in the atrocities. Was he deaf, dumb and blind? I doubt it, since it would have made it impossible for him to function as a translator.

Bystanders and witnesses are not exonerated from responsibility when crimes occur. They are considered accessories to the crime even though they may not have "blood" on their hands. Now the local Liberal candidates support dropping the government case against him because he has been an "exemplary citizen for 50 years." What about justice for the many who were exemplary citizens and were robbed of their lives at the hands of the Nazis?

In Guelph, at a Stephen Harper rally, a gay couple asked for his position on gay marriage. They were jostled and assaulted by his supporters and this was shown on TV. This behaviour by the new Conservative party supporters demonstrates once again that a group can be attacked and demeaned.

Wanda Cakebread
New Hamburg