The following 4 messages were received between 11:13 a.m and 10:47 p.m., Nov. 19, 2000:

(1) Karen Rawluk ([email protected])
Would you rather have someone in a cabinet position representing Alberta or someone who has never held a cabinet position.  I find it rather odd that you would only look at one riding as well because it is not one riding that makes up our government.  Do you think that Anne McLellan was the only one who promoted these bills I think not this was a government decision and if you wish to promote the Alliance party why don't you just put up a web site promoting your party of choice and reasons to vote for your party of choice.

(2)  Dave Butler ([email protected])
i found this document under my door.  i live in a secured apartment building, who are you and how did you get access to my building and put this stuff under my door?  the law only allows political candidates into secured apartment buildings to campaign.  i see no reference to any political party, or to the fact that you are a candidate running in my riding. why was this under my door?  i have not solicited your opinions, you should either take credit for your opinions as a candidate, or keep them out of my home!
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(3)  Keith Abraham ([email protected])
I find what you are doing to be repulsive, but beyond the pale.  I will do everything within my power, which is considerable, to shut you down permanently.  If you ever again send a piece of garbage to a member of the jewish community I will see to it that you are found and close the situation for good.

(4)  Keith Abraham ([email protected])
I find it both disgusting and repulsive that you would think it acceptable to distribute such neo-nazi propaganda.  I will be filing a complaint with both Telus and the Human Rights Commission of Alberta, regarding the distribution of your recent hate literature diatribe entitled "the November 27, 2000 Election: Justice, Fairness and You". The disregard you show towards the Jewish community only indicates the level of your lack of intelligence.  I will not further demean myself by adressing you.  Dealing with someone of your obvious stupidity is like dealing with a child who does not understand responsibility. Trust me, I will use every ounce of my personal power to see that you do not produce such disgusting filth again.  If you try to contact me by email I fully intend to contact the Edmonton Police.  Also, take notice that others have alread begun to move towards shutting you down, along with the Alliance Party's hate machine.