Cotler Files

  • Cotler Analysis

  • Critique of Deschenes Commission April 2004; Lubomyr Prytulak
          [Original at http://www.ukar.org/martin/martin07.html]

  • Critique of Deschenes Commission Report May 1987; Will Zuzak

    Articles after Dec. 15, 2003

    Life and crimes of Irwin Cotler Toronto Star, Apr. 18, 2004; T. Tyler
    Feds to fight hate on web, says Cotler Calgary Herald, Oct. 12, 2004; Elizabeth Thompson
    Top court is asked to rule on conspiracy theory Globe and Mail, Nov. 17, 2004; R. Seguin
    Recusal not the norm, Cotler says Globe and Mail, Nov. 22, 2004; K. Makin
    Cotler delays plan for PS secrecy oaths Ottawa Citizen, 18Sep2005; C. Cobb