Blue and gold Lion Rampant armshield, worn on the right arm by Ukrainians in the Galicia Division, and echoed on their right collarpatch instead of the lightning-bolt SS worn by German members of the Division.

For example, above is SS-Schuetz Guenther Witt of the Galicia Division, showing the lightning-bolt SS collarpatch, while below is Waffen-Der Stubenaeltester Mykola Palienko, commander of IV Detachment/SS Artillery Reg. 14, showing the Lion Rampant collarpatch.

That Ukrainians did not wear the SS insignia might help explain Morley Safer's failure to observe any at the reunion of Galicia Division veterans in Lviv that was shown in the October 23, 1994, 60 Minutes broadcast, The Ugly Face of Freedom.

Armshield and photographs are from Richard Landwehr, Fighting for Freedom: The Ukrainian Vounteer Division of the Waffen-SS, Bibliophile Legion Books, Silver Spring, Maryland, 1985.

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