The Canadian Constitution


I have been interested in the Canadian Constitution ever since Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau started the repatriation process in 1980, the unilateral repatriation in 1982, the continuing controversy thereafter, the ill-fated 1990 Meech Lake Accord and especially the Charlottetown Accord Referendum on Oct. 26, 1992.

Most recently we have been subjected to the Bloc Quebecois in Ottawa, the Parti Quebecois in Quebec and the narrowly defeated Quebec Referendum on Oct. 30, 1995.

Below I have listed the six most relevant documents that I have written on the subject:

SCHREY80.L10 = Letter to Schreyer, Trudeau, Romanow
WELLS_90.F03 = Letter to Clyde Wells
CONSTN92.DOC = Canadian Constitutional Proposals 1992
CONSTN92.H00 = Summary of Constitutional Proposals 1992
CONSTN92.I06 = Letter to Joe Clark
CONSTN92.J00 = CANADIANS ALL! Constitutional Proposals

The Constitutional Conference Committee spearheaded by Bert Brown in Calgary has recently suggested the creation of Constituent Assemblies across Canada to draft an appropriate constitution. Although their website is not yet available, the contact person is Elaine Johnson (Email: [email protected]).

I hope that my material will be of interest to this Committee and to Canadians, in general.

Will Zuzak; CON_INDX.HTM = CONSTN_INDEX.HTML; 1996-06-10