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Simon Ostrovsky of Vice News on the Invasion of Ukraine [numbered links in red to original youtube videos]
VICE News 198 videos  
List of youtube videos:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLw613M86o5o7DfgzuUCd_PVwbOCDO472B

Lubomyr Prytulak archives on XoXoL [dated links in blue]

Russian Roulette: The Invasion of Ukraine

[Earlier video coverage from 21Nov2013 to 01Mar2014]

[1] 03 March 2014  -- Perevalnoe, Crimea standoff
[2] 04 March 2014  -- Sevastopol, Crimea naval base
[3] 06 March 2014  -- Sevastopol, Crimea naval base (Woman and child trying to deliver food to husband.) + Russian Black Sea Fleet + Russian Biker Gang
[4] 07 March 2014  -- Simferopol, Crimea; Bakchisaray; Yevpatoria (sunk ship to block channel)
[5] 09 March 2014  -- Sevastopol, Crimea  (Serbian Chetniks); Belbek checkpoint; Bratislav Zivkovic:  "A member of Putin's Rent-a-Mob?" by Lubomyr Prytulak
[6] 11 March 2014  -- Checkpoints between Chonhar, Crimea and Novooleksiyivka, Kherson Oblast (Friendly interview of Ukrainian major; but attacked by Crimean Berkut at Chonhar checkpoint.)
[7] 12 March 2014  -- Simferopol, Crimea (08Mar2014 pro-Ukraine protest, but pro-Russian Cossacks and pro-Russian protesters arrive. Sign up for Russian defense force.)
[8] 13 March 2014  -- Donetsk, Ukraine (Reporter Robert King: pro-Russian gangs beat up pro-Ukrainian demonstrators.)

[9] 14 Mar 2014  -- Donetsk, 13Mar2014 Robert King interviews of pro-Russian demonstrators shouting "Russia" and "referendum" and later beating up pro-Ukrainian demonstrators.
[10] 16 Mar 2014  -- Simferopol, Crimea; self-defense forces take oath of allegiance to Crimea; Bakhchisaray; interview Ukrainian navy soldiers.
[11] 16 Mar 2014  -- Moskva Hotel, Simferopol; soldiers presumably looking for someone with gun; Roland Oliphant from Telegraph provides more information.
[12] 17 Mar 2014  -- 15Mar2014 funeral for Dmytro Cherniavsky killed in Donetsk 13Mar2014; interview of Arthur Shevtsov
[13] 17 Mar 2014  -- Simferopol, Crimea; 16Mar2014 referendum; all people interviewed are pro-Russia; Ukrainian soldiers allowed to vote, but no one did;Tatars boycotted referendum; Robert Stetzel (Austria).
[14] 18 Mar 2014  -- Simferopol, Crimea; 17Mar2014 interview of Ukrainian military man; pro-Russian citizens; pro-Ukrainian; in Bakhchisaray Navy 60 defected, 50 remained.
[15] 19 Mar 2014  -- Simferopol, Crimea; interviewing Russian soldiers; funeral of Tatar man; Ukrainian man shot and wounded (killed?).
[16] 20 Mar 2014  -- Novy Petrivici, Ukraine training base; Henry Langston interviews trainee, Andriy Parubiy.

[17] 22 Mar 2014 -- Sevastopol, Crimea; Ukrainian Naval Headquarters surrenders; Ukrainian Naval Academy -- Ukrainian flag lowered and Russian flag raised.
[18] 23 Mar 2014 -- Belbek, Crimea Air Base taken over on 22Mar2014; Commander Yuli Mamchur was taken prisoner.
[19] 28 Mar 2014 -- Fedosia, Crimea 24Mar2014; Lt. Taras Semkiv -- Russian capture of 75 marines; Maj. Vladimir Boranyuk -- 140 out of 600 going to Ukraine via Chonhar.
[20] 29 Mar 2014 -- Kyiv, Ukraine; Maidan demands Avakov resign; Tetyana Chornovol, Vitali Klychko, Oleh Lyashko calming crowd.
[21] 03 Apr 2014 -- Kyiv, Ukraine; Right Sector kicked out of Hotel Dnipro; Anna Kovalenko, Andriy Parubiy.
[22] 09 Apr 2014 -- Donetsk, Ukraine; 07Apr2014; "People's Republic of Donetsk" created by pro-Russian annexationists; Natalia Andrienko and other pro-Russian interviewees.
[23] 11 Apr 2014 -- Donetsk, Ukraine; 08Apr2014; Vadym Chernyakov; Eduard Okopov & Nikolay Solntsev; Denis Pushilin (against Akhmetov); Serhiy Taruta (destabilization byYanukovych).
[24] 14 Apr 2014 -- Luhansk, Ukraine; 09/10Apr2014; SBU building taken over by pro-Russian demonstrations demanding a referendum; Alexei Karyakin; Valeriy Bolotov; pro-Ukrainian Nikita, Daniil.
[25] 15 Apr 2014 -- Slovyansk, Ukraine; 11Apr2014; police headquarters occupied; demonstrators shouting "Referendum"; checkpoints on all enterances and exits to Slovyansk; Vladimir Kolodchenko
[26] 16 Apr 2014 -- Horlivka, Ukraine; 14Apr2014; demonstrators attack and occupy police station; Andrey Krishchenko, German Pristupa; (Alex Goncharenko Lt. Colonel Russian Army?)
[27] 18 Apr 2014 -- Kamyanka, Kharkiv oblast, Ukraine; 15Apr2014; Vasily Krutov; at Kramatorsk Airbase Krutov humiliated by demonstrators; standoff.
[28] 20 Apr 2014 -- Sloviansk, Ukraine; 16Apr2014; captured Ukrainian APCs on display, 6 people from Crimea; Kramatorsk Ukraine -- Sgt. Dmitry Mokletsov, Pvt. Oleg Bykov; locals -- Vladyslav Zinoviev, Vita Kitaeva, Victoria Mishina; each APC disarmed and allowed to return to Dnipropetrovsk. [A disasterous day for the "anti-terrorism" campaign.]
[29] 24 Apr 2014 -- Sloviansk, Ukraine; 20Apr2014; 2 torched cars from shootout blamed on Right Sector in which 3 people were killed; self-proclaimed "mayor" Vyacheslav Ponomarev asks Putin for help.

On 21Apr2014 Simon Ostrovsky was detained on Ponomarev's orders, but was released on 24Apr2014 and picked up by Jean-Francois Belanger of CBC News.

[30] 27 Apr 2014 -- Kramatorsk, Ukraine; 21Apr2014; last hour before arrest; interviews of 2 Terek Cossacks from Kuban (Russian citizens: Mozhaev and younger man).
[31] 28 Apr 2014 -- Sloviansk, Ukraine; 19/24Apr2014; description of background activities, arrest, beating, detention, interrogations and release.
[32] 02May2014 -- Donetsk, Ukraine; 01May2014; Henry Langston; pro-Russian march for 11May2014 referndum for Donetsk People's Republic; over-run police, Viacheslav
[33] 03May2014 -- Krasnoarmeysk, Ukraine; 01May2014; demonstrators demanding release of 11 captured pro-Russian militia men.
[34] 06May2014 -- Donetsk, Ukraine; 04May2014; Henry Langston; beating up suspect; "We will not forgive Odessa" chants; [05May2014] Dmitri wants separatism; PrivatBank debts frozen.
[35] 07May2014 -- Donetsk, Ukraine; 06May2014; Henry Langston; Dmitri Kozinov, Donetsk airport closed; Dmitri, take over military college.
[36] 10May2014 -- Donetsk, Ukraine; 09May2014; Henry Langston; Victory Day memorial, Abdulaev Rustam, Aleksander Khryakov -- toast to Stalin; Mariupol aftermath of fight, bodies, fires.
[37] 12May2014 -- Sevastopol, Crimea; 09May2014; Putin visit, parade, Dmitry Belik; Ruslan Zuev (pro-Ukrainian)
[38] 13May2014 -- Donetsk, Ukraine; 11May2014; Henry Langston; Svitlana vote for DPR; Langston detained for 3 hours; Yuri; Pushilin press conference
[39] 20May2014 -- Donbass Battalion base Dnepropetrovsk oblast; Velyka Novosilka; 14/15May2014; Henry Langston; tour by Semen; "liberate" police station and scold police men; Alexander Arikh
[40] 23May2014 -- Donetsk oblast; 22May2014?; Simon Ostrovsky; Sergei Nestorenko pro-Russian; overnight in basement of pro-Ukrainian National Guard surrounded by gunfire, Viktor Holod
[41] 25May2014 -- Izyum, Kharkiv oblast; 23May2014?; Simon Ostrovsky; Olexandr Turchinov re terrorists/election; Velyka Novosilka, Vladimir Dzekh; Donbass Battalion
[42] 26May2014 -- Karlovka, Donetsk oblast; 22May2014; Henry Langston; Donbas Battalion ambushed; [Krasnoarmeysk, 25May2014] voting, Ruslan; [Donetsk] Chechens arriving, anti-Akhmetov rally, Alexandir Borodai; [Mariupol] election report, mostly older and middle-aged people; report that Poroshenko is leading with 55%.
[43] 27May2014 -- Oleksandrivka, Donetsk oblast; 25May2014; Simon Ostrovsky; guarded by Ukrainian militia, peaceful, most voted for Poroshenko, Mykhailo Nechiporenko; [Donetsk] separatists disrupting election, several trucks of separatists feted at rally.
[44] 28May2014 -- Sergey Prokofiev Airport, Donetsk; 26May2014; Henry Langston; video shots of pro-Russian fighters, injured, retreat, helicopter; [27May2014] pro-Ukrainian woman; Kalinin District Hospital, 33 dead/wounded, Sergey Khokholya; "Edge is now clearly with the Ukrainian military".
[45] 29May2014 -- Sloviansk, Donetsk oblast; 29May2014?; Simon Ostrovsky; Ukrainian checkpoint, civilians leaving.
[46] 07Jun2014 -- Izyum, Kharkiv oblast; ??Jun2014; Simon Ostrovsky; Oleksandr Turchynov; Vyacheslav Tselyuko, Yuri Kasyanov delivering bulletproof vests and other supplies.
[47] 08Jun2014 -- Kyiv, Ukraine; 07Jun2014; Simon Ostrovsky; Guard drops rifle, inauguration of Petro Poroshenko, speech (subtitles); Lukashenko (Belarus), Dalia Grybauskaite (Lithuania), Maidan people.
[48] 10Jun2014 -- Dolzhansky checkpoint, Luhansk; 07Jun2014; Henry Langston; Sacha Rim; [Sloviansk, Donetsk oblast; 29May2014] [Kramatorsk; Alexei]
[49] 18Jun2014 -- Sloviansk, Donetsk oblast; 13Jun2014; Henry Langston; multiple interviews describing explosions the night before; evacuations.
[50] 19Jun2014 -- Luhansk Airport plane crash; Schastje, Luhansk oblast; interview; government vs separatist checkpoint; Tatiana Kalinina.
[51] 26Jun2014 -- Sloviansk, Donetsk oblast; 19Jun2014; Henry Langston; Vladimir Trutko (artist), explosions, Aleksandr Afendikov (funeral); Roman (pro-Russian terrorist).
[52] 01Jul2014 -- Donetsk oblast, Ukraine; 28Jun2014; Simon Ostrovsky; Andriy re Ukr. checkpoint destroyed by tanks, Vadim Yatsenuk; Igor Borovoi denounces cease-fire.
[53] 03Jul2014 -- Donetsk oblast, Ukraine; 01Jul2014; Simon Ostrovsky; Ukr. military column towards Sloviansk; bombardments, old equipment from 1981; boy wearing swastika "good luck" medallion.
[54] 08Jul2014 -- Donetsk oblast, Ukraine; 06Jul2014; Simon Ostrovsky; Sloviansk liberated on 05Jul2014, Valeriy Heletey, food distribution; Ostrovsky's prison room.
[55] 09Jul2014 -- Donetsk oblast, Ukraine; 07Jul2014; Simon Ostrovsky; Grom pro-Russia rebel escaped with wife; Pavel Gubarev rally.
[56] 16Jul2014 -- Svatove, Luhansk oblast, xxJul2014; Simon Ostrovsky; Oleh Lyashko, General Naumenko; [Starobilsk] police chief Askar Laishev; arrest of Viktor Rybalko.
[57] 17Jul2014 -- Luhansk, Ukraine, xxJul2014, Henry Langston; pro-Russian interviewees; nurse Marina Alexandrovna, Nikolai; [Chernuhino] Vadim funeral; [Petrovsky, Donetsk]
[58] 17Jul2014 -- Kyiv, Ukraine, 17Jul2014; Simon Ostrovsky; Geoffrey Pyatt (U.S. Ambassador) discussing situation in and U.S. support for Ukraine against Russain aggression.

On 17Jul2014 04:20 PM (Kyiv time), Russian terrorists shot down Malaysian airliner MH17 near Snizhne with a BUK missle killing all 298 people on board.

[59] 18Jul2014 -- Heorhiivka, Luhansk oblast; 14Jul2014; Henry Langston; comments of terrorists; [Izvarino] AN-76 shot down; [Snizhne] Alexei Litvinenko, Valery.
[60] 18Jul2014 -- MH17 crash site; 18Jul2014; Simon Ostrovsky; [Grabovo, Donetsk oblast],[Rassypnoe] Bodies in gardens; [Kramatorsk] Valery Heletey.
[61] 22Jul2014 -- Popasne, Luhansk oblast; xxJul2014; Simon Ostrovsky; Semyon Semenchenko; [Rassypnoe] residents comments; [Donetsk] Alexander Borodai; [Grabovo] Alexander Hug, Michael Bociurkiw.
[62] 24Jul2014 -- Kharkiv; 22Jul2014; Simon Ostrovsky; pro-Ukrainian demonstration; Jan Tuinder (Dutch forensic); [Malysheva factory, Kharkiv]; [Donetsk]; [Kharkiv airport] Hans Docter, Angus Houston.

It's Time to Assign Blame For Everything Happening in Ukraine  Vice News, 24Jul2014; James Miller

[63] 31Jul2014 -- Sloviansk, Donetsk oblast; 24Jul2014; Simon Ostrovsky; mass graves, Igor Rybalchenko; Chris Miller death warrants; Anton Herashenko.
[64] 02Aug2014 -- Debaltseve, Donetsk oblast; 30Jul2014; Simon Ostrovsky; split Donetsk-Luhansk connection, Alexander, Alexander Papairoanu, Viktor Savchuk.
[65] 05Aug2014 -- Donetsk oblast; 01Aug2014; Simon Ostrovsky; near MH17 crash site; land mine booby-trap; Alexei Dmitrashkovsky: Ukrainian military encircling Donetsk.
[66] 06Aug2014 -- Popasna, Luhansk oblast; 03Aug2014; Simon Ostrovsky; American-born "Franko", Donbas Battalion: Sentiment among soldiers "The corrupt political elite in Kyiv must be destroyed".
[Franko = Mark Paslawsky died from shrapnel wounds in Ilovaisk on 19Aug2014.]
[67] 07Aug2014 -- Euromaidan, Kyiv; 06Aug2014; Simon Ostrovsky; "Activists" attacked and arrested by Kyiv-1 battalion, Aleksandr Tereshchuk, Ivan Belan, Grisha Trikolish, Yuri Rakovsky.
[68] 08Aug2014 -- Euromaidan, Kyiv; 07Aug2014; Simon Ostrovsky; Burning tires, Bohdan of Kyiv-2 battalion vs Maidan "activists".
[69] 14Aug2014 -- Shakhtarsk, Donetsk oblast; 08Aug2014; Simon Ostrovsky; Alexander Hug (OSCE) re shelling; [Donetsk] Nadezhda, Bogdan Sergeevich, Andrei, Sergei Demidenko, Valentina.
[70] 21Aug2014 -- Rostov oblast, Russia; 16Aug2014; Simon Ostrovsky; Rebel fighters treated in Russia, Denis, Kolyvan (only 5 surviors), [Izvarino, Russia; 17Aug2014] Humanitarian convoy, Paul Picard
[71] 27Aug2014 -- Kyiv; 23Aug2014; Simon Ostrovsky; Merkel-Poroshenko meeting; [24Aug2014] Independence Day Parade, Roman, tortured spotter; [Donetsk] POW parade; [26Aug2014] Minsk.
[72] 02Sep2014 -- Donetsk, Ukraine; 25Aug2014; Henry Langston; Girl, Lubov, Alexandr; [Novoazovsk, 26Aug2014] Vladimir Evgenievich; Andrei (Ukr. soldier); [Bezimenne] Roman [Novoazovsk, 27Aug2014] Andrey Gennadievich; [Bezimenne] Kamil; [28Aug2014] -- Russian Army in control of Novoazovsk.
[73] 04Sep2014 -- Mariupol, Donetsk oblast; 30Aug2014; Simon Ostrovsky; Galina Odnorog, Ruslan Myzychko; [Komsomolske, 01Sep2014] anti-Ukrainian [Novoazarivka] Ukr. armour decimated, Ruslan.
[74] 04Sep2014 -- Donetsk, Ukraine; 29Aug2014; Henry Langston; [30Aug2014] anti-Ukr [31Aug2014] Morgue, Dmitry Kalashnikov (1200 bodies since April).
[75] 06Sep2014 -- Starobesheve, Donetsk oblast; 01Sep2014; Henry Langston; retrieving bodies of 29/30Aug2014 massacre of Ukrainian forces at Ilovaisk; [03Sep2014, 30 km south of Ilovaisk] Novakaterynivka
[76] 06Sep2014 -- Mariupol, Donetsk oblast; 03Sep2014; Simon Ostrovsky; Azov Battalion base, Kirt; [04Sep2014] Azov fighters retreat from Shirokoe to Mariupol; Russian bombardment nearby.
[77] 08Sep2014 -- Mariupol, Donetsk oblast; 05Sep2014; Simon Ostrovsky; cease-fire of 05Sep2014, Kirt skeptical; [06Sep2014]  tanks and trucks destroyed
[78] 05Sep2014 -- Olenivka, Donetsk oblast; 04Sep2014; Henry Langston; Shiva (rebel fighter); [Yasynuvata] Pogranec; Alexii in basement; [06Sep2014, Tel'manove] interviews; [Novoazovsk] Baxur.
[79] 11Sep2014 -- Mariupol, Donetsk oblast; 08Sep2014; Simon Ostrovsky; Poroshenko medal to Zabrodskyi; Eduard Shevchenko; Poroshenko "We won the peace."; Serhiy Taruta
[80] 11Sep2014 -- Donetsk, Donetsk oblast, Ukraine; 08Sep2014; Henry Langston; Speeches 3 days after ceasefire, Claudia Kulbatskaya; Ilovaisk, Rustam Nagirovich, Evgeniy Sergeev.
[81] 19Sep2014 -- Mariupol, Donetsk oblast; 16Sep2014; Simon Ostrovsky; Serhiy Taruta - plane to Zaporizhia, car to Mariupol, doesn't think amnesty will work; [Urzuf] Azov battalion, disappointed.

Donetsk People's Republic 08Oct2014 -- Henry Langston filmed over 6 weeks  01May2014, Andrey Ryabinin, Denis Pushilin, Vladimir Makovich, [Komsomolske] Natalia Gritchenko, Ekaterina (pro-Ukr); [09May2014, Donetsk] Referendum rally for 11May2014, Natasha; 29 deputies elected asking annexation by Russia; arguments and dissatisfaction; Alexander Borodai; Vostok Battalion takes over; "Roma" in hiding.
[XoXoL version] -- [Requires QuickTime to be activated.]

[82] 29Oct2014 -- Volnovakha, Donetsk oblast; 26Oct2014; Simon Ostrovsky; Dmitry Lubinets (Poroshenko Bloc vs Ryzhenkov), Ilya Kiva, Tamara Sanzharevskaya; [27Oct2014] Lubinets 48% winner.
[83] 04Nov2014 -- Donetsk, Donetsk oblast; 02Nov2014; Simon Ostrovsky; Alexander Zakharchenko "DNR" elections, Nataliya Borts, Alessandro Mussolino, Srdja Trifkovic; [Starobesheve] Tetyana Fetisova, Father Viktor, Cmdr. Oleg Mikhailov.
[84] 07Nov2014 -- Donetsk, Donetsk oblast; 04Nov2014; Simon Ostrovsky; Tatyana Koynosh, Dmitry Shibalov; Alexander Vladimirovich Zakharchenko.
[85] 10Nov2014 -- Donetsk, Donetsk oblast; 05Nov2014; Simon Ostrovsky; Albert Bolotny fireman -- firetruck and crew putting out fire.
[86] 12Nov2014 -- Luhansk oblast; 06Nov2014; Simon Ostrovsky; [Perevalsk] Nikolay Kozitsyn cossack ataman -- friendly; [Alchevsk] Alexei Mozgovoi Prizrak Brigade -- rape case, people's courts.
[87] 19Nov2014 -- Grabovo, Donetsk oblast; 11Nov2014; Simon Ostrovsky; MH17 crash site; Tjibbe Joustr; Yelena Kalenkina (22Jun2014); [Snishne] Nikolay Kozitsyn confirms audio; [Kyiv] Elena Gitlyanskaya.
[88] 27Jan2015 -- Kramatorsk, Donetsk oblast; 21Jan2015; Henry Langston; Oleksandr Kikhtenko, outdoor concert; [23Jan2015, Chkpt 25 Luhansk oblast] "Dok"; [Vuhlehirsk] Elena; [Debaltseve] Andriy; [Svitlodarsk hospital] Dr. Dmitry Ganich, Valentina, Volodymyr.
[89] 30Jan2015 -- Kodema, Donetsk oblast; 26Jan21015; Henry Langston; Yuriy Fomenko; [Dzerzhynsk, 28Jan2015] Sergiy Vinnyk, Nadya, Alexander (grave digger).

[90] 04Feb2015 -- Debaltseve, Donetsk oblast; 31Jan2015; Henry Langston; Evgeniy Tkachov, Galina Grigoryevna, (evacuation), Svetlana; [Artemivsk hospital]Dr. Nikolyay, Alexander,
[91] 05Feb2015 -- Pisky, Donetsk oblast; 02Feb2015; Henry Langston; Valery, Arseiny Sitnikov, Andrey Hysyl -- video ends under heavy bombardment.
[92] 08Feb2015 -- Luhansk oblast, 05Feb2015; Henry Langston;  Adam Osmayev (English-speaking Chechen commander of Dudayev Battalion); [Troitskoye] Alexander, Anya, Lyudmila, Adam Osmayev.
[93] 15Feb2015 -- Chermalyk, Donetsk oblast; 08Feb2015; Henry Langston; home-made drones, Roman, children; [Mariupol, 09Feb2015] police patrol; [Minsk-2 on 12Feb2015; ceasefire 14Feb2015]
[94] 17Feb2015 -- Vuhlehirsk, Donetsk oblast; 13Feb2015; Henry Langston; pro-Russian fighter, Sergei, Tatiana, Kos (DNR), Mikhail, Misha (wounded Ukr army prisoner).
[95] 18Feb2015 -- Donetsk airport; 15Feb2015; Henry Langston(?); anti-Ukr rhetoric, Karas, Givi.
[96] 27Feb2015 -- Debaltseve, Donetsk oblast; 22Feb2015; Henry Langston; Dyakon, Anton, Albert Yulianovich, Elena, Aleksandr Kostrubitckiy, Yuriy, Boris Pavlovich
[97] 03Mar2015 -- Bezimenne, Donetsk oblast; 27Feb2015; Henry Langston(?); [Shirokino] Skull (DNR trenches).
[98] 09Mar2015 -- Donetsk, Shakhtar Plaza Hotel; 08Mar2015; Simon Ostrovsky; Rebel Beauty Pageant, Denis Pushilin, Alyona, Daria Voronkina, Alla, Yana.
[99] 10Mar2015 -- Mariupol, Donetsk oblast; xxMar2015; Simon Ostrovsky; [Azov Battalion, Lebedynske] Kirt [Berdyanske] Maxim, Deus; DNR woman supporter.
[100] 11Mar2015 -- Mariupol, Donetsk oblast; xxMar2015; Simon Ostrovsky; [Ilyich Steel & Iron Works] 27,000 employees, Yuri Zinchenko, Dmitry Cherkes; Yuri Khotlubey (mayor), bomb drill,Tatiana.
[101] 12Mar2015 -- Donetsk Airport; 11Mar2015; Simon Ostrovsky; Ukr. POWs searching for bodies, Maria Morcillo (ICRC) -- identifying bodies.
[102] 18Mar2015 -- Debaltseve, Donetsk oblast; ??Mar2015; Henry Langston; DNR foreign fighters: Serbian Hussar Battalion, Dimitry, Grizzly, Big Doc (French), Rafael (Brazil), Guillame (French), Thuro (Spain).

Ukraine's Religious War  Vice News, 19Mar2015; Simon Ostrovsky
[Donetsk] DNR separatists want Russian Orthodoxy; persecute Protestant churches; [Mariupol] Pentecostal musical church service, Ivan Pryadka (60 displaced members from DNR);
[Donetsk] secret church service, Leonid Kryzhanovsky; [Church of Jesus Christ] not allowed in; [Word of Life Evangelical Church] Dok (would not let any other "sects" back);
[Bethany Baptist Church] (gym, kitchen, patients, threats to Poroshenko, woman;
[DPR offices] Andrei Purgin (not official policy of persecuting other churches, synagogue is open, Russian Orthodoxy is very important);
[Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Cathedral] DPR constitution enshrines Russian Orthodox Church is state church; Father Nikolai (Moscow Patriarchate) No confiscations or persecution of Orthodox, not aware of persecution of Protestants

Should the US Send Lethal Aid to Ukraine  Vice News, 28Mar2015; Simon Ostrovsky
Debaltseve, Donetsk oblast; Simon Ostrovsky; DNR separatists; Obama, captured US radar detection equipment; [DPR tank repair factory] equipment from Debaltseve;
[Practika armored vehicle factory, Kyiv] Ihor Koziy (need radio systems, anti-tank systems, drones): [EU Advisory Mission] Arsen Avakov (if US does not arm Ukraine, Russian aggression will spread into Europe);
[Kyiv International Airport] Poroshenko accepting Humvee vehicles, Bruce Donahue (US embassy), Alexander Grichanikov, Alexander Ushakov;
[Ostrovsky] Perhaps US should focus on upgrading its own arms industry.

[103] 02Apr2015 -- Kurakhove, Donetsk oblast; 01Apr2015; Simon Ostrovsky; stamped passport; food aid inhibited; [Donetsk] Bringing products from Russia; [Uhlehirsk] Cossacks providing bread, Ukraine not paying pensions; [Debaltseve] ration cards,food from Russia and international aid.
[104] 15Apr2015 -- Donetsk; 12Apr2015; Simon Ostrovsky; Alexander Harchenko, [13Apr2015] Ukrainian and Russian officers, Krym (Vostok battalion), Col. Andrey Leshinsky (Ukrainian)
[105] 17Apr2015 -- Shyrokyne, Donetsk oblast; 15Apr2015; Simon Ostrovsky; Ukrainians-Russians-OSCE officials planning to stop the fighting, Gen. Andrey Taran (Ukr); Russian separatists; Eduard Basurin (DPR) arguing with Ukr. woman; Alexander Hug (OSCE)
[106] 23Apr2015 -- Donetsk, 17Apr2015; Simon Ostrovsky; Interview with pre-arranged questions for Aleksandr Zakharchenko -- Ukr. vs. DNR-controlled territory; Mariupol, Americans are fighting us through Ukrainians, do not want to live in Ukraine, Novorissiya, USSR must be brought back, Buryat question forbidden but answered, Flight MH17 shot down by Ukr. military jets.
[107] 23Apr2015 -- Donetsk oblast, xxApr2015; Simon Ostrovsky; American "Texas" of Vostok Battalion, fighting fascism, nazis; Name Withheld -- "Texas and I are an RPG team"; Kot: Spaniards, Italians; war between Black (US, EU) project vs. White (USSR 2.0) project; "Texas" likes America but it has a fascist, criminal government right now responsive to American Oligarchs. Mentions American Paslawsky fighting on wrong side. will liberate Ukraine, maybe then Europe, then head west from there.
[108] 25Apr2015 -- Yavoriv, Lviv oblast; xxApr2015; Simon Ostrovsky; 300 American instructors, Capt. Matthew Carpenter, Srgt. Anton Kowalchuk; Igor Stinskiy, consolation prize instead of lethal weapons; "It is an exchange of skills",Ambassador Geoffrey R. Pyatt; Lt. Col. Carl Reed, small but just a start; Poroshenko speech in rainstorm.

Selfie Soldiers: Russia Checks in to Ukraine  Vice News, 16Jun2015; Simon Ostrovsky
Bato Dambaev traced via his photograph postings on VKontakte: Debaltseve, Ukraine; Lt. Gen. Alexander Lentsov, Alexander Hug (OSCE); Eliot Higgins; Moscow, St. Basil's Cathedral; Taganrog, Russia (ship photo, GPS tag); Vuhlehirsk (Ukraine) -- witnesses refer to Buryat soldiers, corroborating photo; Ulan-Ude (Buryatia) -- corroborating photo, wife at home, telephone conversation with Bato Dambiev, phones again but denies being in Vuhlehirsk.

[109] 22Jun2015 -- Shyrokyne, Donetsk oblast; xxJun2015; Henry Langston in DNR territory; "The Fast One", Maloy, Stepanyak, "from Russia", Yuri Gudilov (civilian), "Fast One" killed?

On the DNR Frontline: Ukraine's Failed Ceasefire (Part 1) -- 29Jul2015; Donetsk oblast, xxJun2015, Henry Langston in DNR territory; checkpoint "permit" lineups, Alla, Yakaterina, Irina, Valera; Vostok Battalion, Nastich.
Holding the Line for Another DNR Assault: Ukraine's Failed Ceasefire (Part 2) -- 30Jul2015; Donetsk oblast (airport), Henry Langston in Ukrainian-held territory (Pisky, Opytne, Avdiivka): Yelena, "Tandem", Right Sector base camp  (Butovka mine): "Michael", "Dali", "Dedushka" (former FSB officer).

[110] 26Sep2015 -- Pervomaisk, Luhansk oblast; 16Sep2015; Simon Ostrovsky; ceasefire holding in village under rebel control; Denis Pushilin, Vladislav Dainego; [Stanitsa Luhanska] No shots fired since 28Aug2015, people seem ready for compromise and remain part of Ukraine.
[111] 01Oct2015 -- Chaplynka, Ukraine; 21Sep2015; Simon Ostrovsky; Crimean Tatars with Right Sector blockading crossing into Crimea; Volodymyr Parasyuk, Ilya Kiva; Refat Chubarov.

Paranoia and Purges: The Dark and Dirty Battle for Power in Rebel-Held Ukraine  Vice News, 10Feb2016; Jack Losh
Other articles by Jack Losh: [2] 01Dec2015, [3] 27Nov2015, [4] 17Aug2015 [5] 11Aug2015, [6] 29Jul2015

We take you to the frontlines of Ukraine's proxy war between the West and Russia  Vice News, 05Oct2016; Ben Makuch [23:58]
Starychi, Western Ukraine; Canada's training mission, Ben Makuch, flashback to Euromaidan-Crimea-Donbas; classic proxy war, Canada major role, Trudeau, Cpt. Jean-Francois LaMarche; Matthew Rojansky; Avdiivka: Viktor; "prom zone", OSCE; "The Nine" apartment complex overlooks "prom zone", Mrs. Fedchenkova; drone pictures; Rojansky: nightmare scenarios -- frozen conflict vs expanded conflict outside Ukraine; war has inspired both sides (Russia and NATO) to re-militarize their frontiers; no end in sight, Austin Jean (Canadsa spokesperson): "Canada remains committed to supporting Ukraine in its efforts to maintain sovereignty, security, and stability".