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Putin Introduction

On 01Mar2014 Vladimir Putin and his dictatorial regime initiated war on Ukraine by occupying Crimea, followed by an illegal referendum on 16Mar2014 and subsequently incorporating Crimea into the Russian Federation. The United Nations and most countries of the world have condemned the Russian invasion and have not recognized the illegal annexation of Crimea. Unfortunately, there are many Ukrainophobes and Putin apologists (such as Patrick Buchanan, Paul Craig Roberts, Stephen Cohen, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!, Jackson Doughart, Murray Dobbin, Ramsey Clark's IAC, Justin Raimondo and Jason Ditz of antiwar.com, Ron Paul and Daniel Adams of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, etc.), who condone Mr. Putin's actions and shrilly demand that the United States refuse aid to Ukraine. It is not clear whether these are misguided individuals or "agents of influence" on the payroll of Vladimir Putin's $300 million propaganda machine.

The Putin Files link under Issues in the right-hand-column of WiZeus has been created specifically to archive articles that expose the murderous nature of Mr. Putin and his regime. Thus far, there are 5 files of which  "The Putin Murders" are of special relevance to reveal the psychopathic nature of Vladimir Putin's character.

Also listed separately at the bottom is the book "Murdered by Moscow: Petlura-Konovalets-Bandera" to remind us that the murders of Ukrainians by the Moscow regime has a long history. Indeed, one wonders if the strange deaths of Canadian Supreme Court judge, John Sopinka (1933.03.19 -- 1997.11.24), and Governor General of Canada, Ramon Hnatyshyn (1934.03.16 -- 2002.12.18), will eventually be traced back to the Kremlin. Both died of strange diseases shortly after returning from visits to Ukraine.

Will Zuzak; 2014.03.28

Eight more pdf files have been added showing the transition from a KGB-controlled Soviet Union (communist) to an FSB-controlled Russian Federation (fascist) under the tutelage of Vladimir Putin.

Also added has been an article titled "A book too far" in the Economist, 03Apr2014; E.L. re: Karen Dawisha wherein is noted:
"The basic premise of Karen Dawisha's proposed book is that "Putin's power is founded on his links to organised crime". "The Putin Murders" detailing the arrests and assassinations of people exposing and/or criticizing Vladimir Putin and his regime indicate the psychopathic/sociopathic nature of Mr. Putin's character. That Cambridge University Press would decline to publish Ms. Dawisha's book for fear of defamation litigation speaks volumes as to the decadence of British society -- first, they accept and launder the money of the criminal Oligarchs and select Russian bureaucrats; then they use their infamous "defamation laws" to squelch any criticism of these criminals and their criminal acts."
Will Zuzak; 2014.04.05

I have decided to archive articles particularly relevant to the "war in Ukraine" under the Putin Files.
The 5 Donbas Maps illustrate the situation as of the 7-day cease-fire of the ATO forces ordered by President Poroshenko as of 22:00 hrs (Friday) 20Jun2014.
To the excellent article by Sofi Oksanen, I have noted that "The rise of the KGB (now FSB) was predicted by William R. Corson and Robert T. Crowley in their 1986 book “The New KGB” [ISBN 0-688-06669-0], in which they credited “Andropov’s nominees” with taking over control of the Politburo and the Central Committee."
Will Zuzak; 2014.06.21