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Blog | 24Jul2014 | William Pawlowsky

Moscovy’s labels of obfuscation

One of Putin’s heroes is the king of the labels of obfuscation Joseph Goebbels. Putin began taking plays from the Goebbels’ playbook of propaganda very early in the information war with Ukraine. In order to not only gain favour in Moscovy and all the other territories which he reins over in typical dictatorial form, but also to find the best way to totally confuse and obfuscate the situation in that part of the world for journalist and media outlets with very little knowledge of the politics of the region nor of the history of the regions well enough to understand they would become unwilling prostitutes of Pimp Putin because of his labels obfuscation.

Pimp Putin made the right call and unfortunately journalists at very good networks have been suckers for his labelling and have continued to use completely inaccurate labels of obfuscation in their reporting and headlines. Clearly their editors are just as guilty and not very savvy, nor seem to care about reporting the truth but rather simply sell copy. It is time that all you journalists, editors and networks stop being suckers for the propaganda of Putin.

I’ve been an active observer of this region since the early 1980s. I’ve read its mainstream and dissident literature, I’ve met with dissidents. I’ve been actively involved in the democratization process in the region, and I understand many of the nuances that most media junkies, and journos don’t. There are some journos who do understand but are dictated by politically correct editorial policy. It may be time for the editorial boards to reconsider their policies when it comes to reporting on particularly Russia, which I would prefer they call Moscovy.

The More Lies the Better

While Goebbels had a certain principle of how to make up lies, Putin’s prostitutes have taken this to a whole different level. However, before I get into the lies of Putin’s prostitutes let’s uncover some of the simple labels that Putin has used to obfuscate not only the facts within Moscovy, but also in the West.

Some of Putin’s favourite labels have been, though many of these were born during the time of Stalin: “anti-Semites”,“Banderite Fascists”, “fascists”, “Kiev Nazi Junta” and “pro-Russian separatists”.

These are just a few of the labels that Putin and Moscovy has used to support his cause in destabilizing Ukraine as he is trying to rebuild USSR 2.0.

Unfortunately, many of these labels have stuck with global media outlets, and they are so far from the truth that the media that use such labels should be ashamed of doing so.

During the early periods of the unrest in Kyiv because of criminal Yanukovych’s flip flopping on the Association Agreement with the European Union. It was clear that the label “anti-Semites” was a just one way for Putin and his prostitutes of drumming up international feelings against Ukraine. This became very clear when a friend of mine Maylakh Shelekh had asked trough another journalist that I disseminate the following letter entitled: Open Statement to the International Democratic Community from Ukraine. This international statement in itself shut out Putin’s label of “anti-Semite”.

The label of Banderite fascists and fascists has long been a label of Moscovy to try to discredit Ukrainians who were trying to fight for their independence as a nation. From my contacts in Ukraine I had learnt that the volumes that exonerated Ukraine’s freedom fighters from the Nuremberg trials were never published in the Soviet Union. Enabling Stalin and his scum hoard to continue it’s anti-Ukrainian rhetoric, during the late 1940s and until his death. Even as recently as yesterday Professor Andrey Zubov who had been dismissed of his position at Moscow State University earlier this year for opposing Putin stated the following in a recent interview: “In the Soviet Union, to condemn something, especially after World War II, all you had to do was call it fascism. So “Banderites” were called fascists, although, of course, it was not true.” So by assocication none of the first three Putinite labels hold water.

The label of “Kiev Nazi Junta” was a carry over from Soviet times to try to garner support of the older generation. In adition Moscow had gone as far to try to use the Banderite lie, on May 25th, 2014 during the extraordinary Presidential elections after criminal Yanukovych fled to Moscovy.

Prior to that day Moscovy’s hackers had tried to plant a malicious virus in the Election system computer which would have announced their own predetermined election results. Luckily, this hack was discovered and the continuation of Moscovy’s 400 years of lies could not be continued. Their primary National TV station announced that Dmytro Yarosh had received 37% of the popular vote, as per their cypber attack, though the reality was much different. A full analysis of this escapade is available at the Christian Science Monitor website. Just one more sample of different type of label of obfuscation, and one of electoral tampering.

Clearly the “Kiev Nazi Junta” had not come to power but the labels addopted by the Goebbells school of propaganda supported by Vladimir Putin, continued to use this label. However, all of these labels had somehow not stuck with the savvy Western media, there was one that did and it is completely shameful that Western media took this label hook, line and sinker.

The label that really is totally inappropriate is “pro-Russian separatist”. This term is completely absurd for a couple of reasons. A friend of mine who lives in Ontario outlined it as follows:

“If I run 100km south to the Ontario-New York border with a bunch of guns, cross over, arm some local thugs and gangsters, start shooting and torturing people and then declare a tract of land to be an “independent” republic, what does that make me? At a minimum I’m a FOREIGN invader (even though the land I have invaded speaks the same language as me: English, or American, or Canadian, if you prefer). More than likely, Americans will label me a terrorist. No one will call me a “separatist” or a “pro-Canadian rebel”. That would be nonsense.”

As my friend explained to many on Facebook above, it is nonsense that those individuals who are in the East of Ukraine are even being called pro-Russian separatists, when one of their leaders like Igor Strelkov and others are Russian citizens, are armed and financed by Russia but are in Ukraine. For the most part those being captured by the Ukrainian military are people who are being paid my Moscovy to kill Ukrainian soldiers. Starting from $1000 a head.

Ukraine has for centuries fought for its independence, the West has been a little indifferent, for the most part believing Moscovy. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me! The West should be ashamed of its understanding of the liars in Moscovy. They have had plenty of apologists and individuals and Universities which received nice presents for programs of Russian Studies, Russian Literature etc. All that was and still is bullshit. The Russian language was contrived, it is not a slavic language therefore can not be the older brother of Slavic nations, though as I often do I have digressed; however, it is time for the West to not only punish Moscovy for its current transgressions, but also for its 400 years of lies.

I have never had so much hatred for anyone from Moscovy and those who are Putin’s prostitutes. These include neighbours, and the zombies of Putin’s prostitutional media campaign. This is the first time in my life I have ever been so filled with such anger, though I am happy that Putin has done one thing -- united Ukrainians globally.

Moscovy’s Changing of Labels

As of the July 22, Russia Today, or as I would rather call it Rarely Truthful, and the right hand of propaganda of the Kremlin started using a totally new set of labels: “Russia Today changes its vocabulary for war in Ukraine. Now pro-Russians who used to be “rebels” are “Ukrainian militia”. With many Chechens.” This was a journalist friend of mine’s post on Twitter.

Sorry but Twitter is a news source of media we have to acknowledge. It is information, and unfortunately not always verified, but information that is topical.

I’m surprised that Moscovy has still not turned to the world to promote one of Rarely Truthful television’s greatest heroes.

His name is Graham W. Phillips -- a Ukraine hater and British citizen. Yesterday I heard that he stepped on a land mine that ended his life. If he did good riddance, he was a sex-pat in Ukraine and Ukrainophobe, no doubt on Putin’s payroll. Oh, maybe I sound a little callous? Not really I’m being a realist in regard to my paternal homeland. This character has no roots in that part of the world and he decides to travel to Ukraine continuously bad mouth the nation and its history, a nation that has been under attack for the last 400 years. What ever happens to him in unsafe territory is of his own doing. If he in did in fact did hit an anti-personnel mine, then he had it coming. It was his employer Putin who never signed the Ottawa Treaty banning the use of Anti-personnel mines.

As it turns out it was only wishful thinking on the part of many who hate this Phillips character. It turns out that he is in protective custody of the Ukrainian army this time. This is the second time that he is in custody, and in fact it is time that Ukrainians look into who this guy really is well they have him in custody. Find out what makes him tick, find out about all his pent up hatred for Ukraine and Ukrainians, and find out if he like other scum from the Party of Regions and the Communist Party of Ukraine deny that the Holodomor ever took place and that it was an act of genocide against the Ukrainian people by one very evil man, Joseph Stalin.

Social Media Reveals the Lies of Putin

I, like many others, have grown tired of the oh so many lies of Putin’s propaganda machine. I lived in that part of the world for over nine years. In fact I love that part of the world and most of its people. I probably understand both its positive and negative nuances better than the academics here who study the country from afar. And certainly I know that part of the world a lot better than ninety-nine percent of all journalists who report on it. So it is very clear why most are still falling for Putin’s propaganda, and using his labels. I can’t really blame my fellow Canadians for not having a clue as two what is going on in that part of the world. Though it’s not their fault, because Ukrainians have never had the financial wherewithal to dictate what you babble about. Though it is time to think about a more global issues, and the security in Europe had to deal with what the scum Putin will do next.

It has unfortunately taken the lives of two-hundred and ninety-eight individuals for the world to wake up. The terror which is caused by one man alone by the name of Vladimir Putin has finally come to your back yard. Canadians lost one of their fellow citizens on July 17, 2014, and today, July 23, 2014, was a day of mourning in the Royal Kingdom of the Netherlands as the remains of the first forty of its one hundred and ninety-two losses, one of whom held dual Netherlands/USA citizenship, were returned home.

The inappropriately labelled orange boxes have apparently been delivered to the UK and so far according to reports there is no evidence that they have been tampered with, though had they been it would have come as no surprise to anyone with as much as a gram or two of sense in their heads.

Though today it is very clear there that those who are in Ukraine and who had access to the crash site not only interfered with the OSCE team that was on site, but decided that it would be a great idea to benefit from the ravages of war. Yes, this is now considered a war zone by the International Red Cross.

Today the Donbas People’s Republic -- read Terrorists, was clearly identified through their own admissions that they had pillaged the belongings of the victims of flight MH17 and these items would be used to finance their struggle. This looting has been confirmed by the fact that when families of the victims would call their phones, they would be answered by complete strangers.

Meanwhile, back on the Russian side of the Ukraine-Russia border an over zealous Russian soldier decide he wanted his five seconds of stardom for their followers on the Russian Social Media platform Vkotonkte, which literally means to be in touch. Vadym Grygoriev wrote, “We’ve been shelling Ukraine all night long!” However, he was either technologically inept, drunk, or both and forgot to turn off the geo-tagging feature of the device he used to reach out to his loving followers. This location was clearly recognized as being on the Russian side of the Ukraine-Russia border. Though he is not the only one, Ukrainian actvists have been finding more and more of these Russian soldiers who are revealing their positions. Clearly such a provocation by Russia is yet another attempt to roll out the war horses for a full incursion into Ukraine. I hope that somehow this evidence can be used against Mad Vlad and all his prostitutes and Putin’s Pricks.

Today, the Netherlands has filed a claim of International War Crimes against Russia, Ukraine has to add its weight to this suit. It has plenty of evidence of kidnapping, torture and the indiscriminate killing of individuals because they spoke Ukrainian. Putin’s Moscovy continues in its war against Ukraine in trying to eliminate a people and a nation. Putin and all those who have been his prostitutes in this venture must be punished. That included all journalists of Rarely Truthful propaganda media regardless of their nationality. They have spread lies and hatred conjured up by very evil people in the Kremlin.