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Zuzak GRC Report; Wed., June 03, 2009

(1) Holodomor/Genocide: http://www.willzuzak.ca/tp/holodomor/holodomor.html
Nine links have been archived on the Holodomor page of my website as indicated below. The contents have been broadened to include time periods beyond the specific 1932-33 Holodomor period. The article by Peter Borisow titled “Metagenocide in Ukraine” illustrates that genocide of the Ukrainian nation has been the ongoing policy of the Tsarist Russian Empire, the Bolshevik Russian Empire and continues to be the policy of Putin’s Moscow regime to the present day.

Of particular interest is that the SBU intends to examine the Holodomor from a criminal legal aspect. Also, Stepan Horlatsch (associated with the Holodomor Flame tour in 2008) is planning to tour all 25 oblasts in Ukraine to honour all fighters who fought for Ukraine’s freedom over the centuries.

Melbourne Meeting -- Kulchytsky, Lozynskyj, Romaniw AUHR3, 31May2009, courtesy M. Williams
Horlatsch tours Ukraine to honour Ukraine's freedom fighters  e-Poshta, 29May2009; S. Horlatsch, L. Matvias, A. Holovatyj
Holodomor (7 articles)  27May2009; courtesy M. Williams
Holodomor/Genocide AUR935 (30 items), 25May2009; courtesy M. Williams
SBU opens criminal investigation of Holodomor genocide  (3 links), 25May2009; SBU Ukraine
Genocide Ukraine (6 articles)  19May2009; courtesy M. Williams
Holodomor  AUR934 (items 13 to 19), 17May2009; courtesy M. Williams
Metagenocide in Ukraine  P. Borisow, 09May2009; courtesy M.Williams
Kent State University's Holodomor Exhibit  Kent State, 07May2009; D. Russ

(2) John Demjanjuk: http://www.willzuzak.ca/fc/2001/2001.html
As you all probably know, Mr. Demjanjuk was extradited to Germany in the evening of 11May2009, as described in the bottom 4 links. The remaining 7 links attempt to place the whole war crimes issue in perspective:
- R. Allen cites American war crimes in Dachau on 29April1945.
- P. Grubach commented on the hypocrisy of the Demjanjuk case back in 2001.
-N. Lysson examined the Holocaust from the perspective of the Holodomor back in 2007.
- Polish Radio mocks the Der Spiegel article accusing the people of Eastern Europe collaborating with the Gemans.
- Andriy Semotiuk chastises the legal community for allowing the Demjanjuk farce to continue for 30 years.
- Although John Rosenthal ostensibly criticizes Germany for extraditing Mr. Demjanjuk, it turns out that in reality Mr. Rosenthal is just a shill for the Holocaust Industry and a Ukrainophobe.

John Rosenthal: Agent for the Holocaust Industry and Ukrainophobe  03Jun2009, Will Zuzak (4 links)
Miscarriage of justice: John Demjanjuk case troubles conscience  Kyiv Post, 21May2009; A. Semotiuk
The Demjanjuk Farce: Germany Prepares a Show Trial  Pyjamas Media, 21May2009; J. Rosenthal  [W.Z.]
Polish farmers collaborated with Nazis, says Der Spiegel  Polskie Radio, 20May2009; (gm/pg)
Holocaust and Holodomor  Window into Palestine, 19May2009; N. Lysson (2007)
John Demjanjuk Saga  Natall News, 18May2009; P. Grubach (2001)
War Crimes  Clare County Review, 04May2009; R. Allen  [W.Z.]

Demjanjuk in German prison for Nazi guard charges  Associated Press, 12May2009; R. Losch, M. Eddy [W.Z.]
Former Nazi death camp guard arrives in Germany  Associated Press, 12May2009; R. Isermann [W.Z.]
Demjanjuk deported  Jewish Telegraph Agency, 11May2009; JTA [J.S. comment]
Suspected Nazi guard Demjanjuk on plane to Germany  Associated Press, 11May2009; M. Kropko

(3) Ukrainophobia:
Although attacks on Ukraine and Ukrainians continue to emanate from the Russian Federation and Germany, we have no specific Internet links to show this month.

Respectfully submitted
Will Zuzak,  2009.06.03