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Eugene Harasymiw (1941.02.14 - 2004.10.02)


[1] Eugene Harasymiw Letters  (10Mar1998 -- 15Aug2004)

[2] Articles archived in Odynsky (Oberlander) files:

Your recent citizenship stand To A. Telegdi, May 08, 2001; E. Harasymiw
Deportation of Helmut Oberlander To McNally, May 21, 2001; E. Harasymiw
CBC report biased against Telegdi To CBC National TV, May 21, 2001; E. Harasymiw
AUSRL position on D/D To Cabinet Ministers, May 22, 2001; E. Harasymiw
Shortcomings of Bill C-11 To Globe and Mail, June 07, 2001; E. Harasymiw
Acadian Expulsion 1755-63 To R. Thibault, MP, Dec. 01, 2001; E. Harasymiw
AUSRL on d/d To Cauchon/Coderre, Apr. 01, 2002; E. Harasymiw
No support for prosecution of alleged WWII war criminals Edmonton Journal, Apr. 27, 2002; E. Harasymiw
AUSRL on Odynsky To FEDERAL CABINET, June 03, 2002; E. Harasymiw
AUSRL to Cabinet Special Committee of Council To CABINET COMMITTEE, June 11, 2002; E. Harasymiw
Commission of Inquiry on Communist War Criminals To P. Goldring, July 03, 2002; E. Harasymiw
Debate over targeted killings ... To National Post, July 26, 2002; E. Harasymiw
Allegations of David Matas To Martin Cauchon, July 27, 2002; E. Harasymiw
AUSRL letter to Jean Augustine To Jean Augustine, Aug. 02, 2002; E. Harasymiw
Critique of Robert Fife To R. Fife, Sep. 29, 2002; E. Harasymiw
Re: Editorial, Sept. 23, 2002 To Montreal Gazette, Sep. 29, 2002; E. Harasymiw
Harasymiw on Deportations defy justice Toronto Sun, May 07, 2003; E. Harasymiw
Retract Mickleburgh Article on Seifert To Globe and Mail, Aug. 28, 2003; E. Harasymiw
Oberlander decision puts politicians and Canada's justice system to the test Ukrainian News, Jan. 21, 2004; E. Harasymiw
McLellan's duplicity Edmonton Journal, Jan. 28, 2004; E. Harasymiw

Goldring Pays Tribute in House of Commons to Eugene Harasymiw News Release, Oct. 14, 2004; P. Goldring

[3] Articles archived in C-18 Hearings:

Feb. 14, 2003; Edmonton (Mtg. 33):
Ukrainian Self Reliance League (Summary)

[4] Canada 2000 Election:


[5] Canadians All! :

CONSTN92.J00 = CANADIANS ALL! Constitutional Proposals

[6] Analysis of Charter of the Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church of Canada:

Where are you leading, my Church?  ePoshta | 17Jun2012 | Brotherhood for the Revitalization of Ukrainian Orthodoxy in Canada  [02:17:30 and 00:58:11 Ukr/Eng]

[Between 16:00 to 21:00 minutes in Part 2 of this video, Mr.Shewchuk refers to the analysis of the Charter of the UGOCC originally done by Eugene Harasymiw, which mandates that the bylaws of the church can only deal with temporal (legal) matters and must be separated from spiritual matters decided by the parish members and church hierarchy. This became particularly relevant during the controversy involving Patriarch Filaret's visit to Canada in April 2012.]

[7] "Justice Defiled":

[8] Miscellaneous additions:

harasymiw19980410Margolis.html  Re: "There's method in Yeltsin's madness" -- April 5, 1998, Toronto Sun
Prosecution of World War II "War Criminals" -- The scandal of the politicization of Canada's Justice system  USRL position paper for UCC-National, 28Oct2000; Eugene Harasymiw